So much hate against eskaters these days

Just opened twitter for a second, its full of anti esk8.

This makes me wonder, how are people in your area handling eskates?

Idk if its ignorance or just ppl hating to hate on something but for some reason it triggers me haha…


I guarantee the majority of the people who hate on esk8 have never ridden one.

Alot of times its people who esk8 didn’t start with a regular push board, and then “real” skaters get offended.

Personally I don’t give a shit, I’m doing what brings me joy, I could really care less about other peoples opinions.


Yesterday i was out for a ride, some girl waiting for the bus started yelling insults at me for riding.

I never really cared for other ppls opinions but i just find it ridiculous.

And looking at those twitter comments it flabergasts me that ppl would actualy intentionaly push or hurt eskaters.


Caring what strangers think is the biggest waste of time imaginable.


I can take the dumb comments like cheater or the looks trick skaters give but what really pisses me of is the malicious actions people take. Swerving at someone or saying you would throw pebbles in front of a person riding is ridiculous!!! I wish someone would try tossing pebbles in my path…




I had to deal with alot of this stuff when riding motorcycles. My group would carry some big ball bearings and if someone was maliciously tailgating us we would just grab a few from our pocket and just toss them up in the air. Bye bye windshield.

The best one was unloading a magazine of .45 rounds into a semi’s engine block…that stopped the tailgating quick.


Never experienced any negative reaction only people finding it fascinating. Have a bunch of friends who are in the inner circle of the vert scene here (I am not). They all love to take my board for a spin when we meet. Maybe me and my friends are too old too be offended about stupid things or being dicks.


I’f someone pushed me off my board and I was good when I got back up, I’d end up getting locked up again, luckily I’ve had nice people stop me and ask me about my board, most people want to know prices, shocked at the g4x price lol


Thats usually what i experience. Just people being interested in what I’m riding.

If someone fucks with me…They are getting fucked with back.

You should be fine in most cases, if they endanger you, you are defending yourself!


I get more good than bad. People really respect the fact that Im padded up and always skate safe. Parents and old people are always grateful when you’re careful around them


I’ve stopped by normal longboard pushers from time to time and let them try my board, most people around here are just amazed. My guess would be that the hate come from people who failed miserably at learning to skate at all.

Drivers on the other hand who likes to honk at you from behind for no apparent reason… I get that I’m not in a car but honking just because you’re on the street isn’t exactly safe (having to turn around just to see a smiling/laughing asshole behind the wheel)


In my experience they are all bark no bite. Anyone who is alone or in a small group I will have a positive interaction with, people in larger groups or protected by their cars I generally have negative interactions with. Riding in esk8 is a clear identifier that you are different from them and tribalism kicks in.


She was lucky I could join you then…
Unless im in a group ride, I stop and turn back…

I never understood the beef between skaters and longboarders either. Like if one rules out the other… in my eyes you (e)longboard to your skate location, do your skate stuff and longboard back.


I used to pass a house on my ride and 2 old men that would always be on there front porch would attempt to hit me with empty beer cans.


Seems they have so much hate for everything, these people don’t interact in the real world. Their bubbles will self implode once they realize they have no life outside of their phones


Both @dareno and me have already apologised for that.


I’d hit them with “not-so-empty” beer cans back

Edit: Maybe not if they’re a mod ^___^


Dude… your city if full of esk8 hating dicks… first those neighbors of yours and
Now Old men throwing shit!?!? They better be prepared to catch some punches. Id def serve those old guys up with a two piece and a biscuit.


Hershey is a old town, we still have amish people passing by every so often.

They just don’t want to accept the future.