So have we ever found a esk8 bag thay you can get your hands on

I know obed is awsome but let’s face it guy droped off the face of the planet and the Adler bags look good but still on that pre order shit so do we know of a snowbord bag or something that as been tested and meets the needs

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Never found the need for a bag. I have a back pack for back up belts and tools and some random stuff but if I’m not riding my board I’ll drag it behind me.


I picked up one of these. My Evolve with 6.5" Urban Treadz won’t fit but my in work build with 6" Six Shooters fits. The bag is pretty incredible. Everything is heavy duty and padded. It folds up into a backpack also. It would be very hard to beat the quality at that price.

Ive never used one so I am NOT endorsing it, it looks like good quality from the pics.

There is also this one, looks not great though.

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I’m building Adam Savages EDC bag…I wonder how hard it would be to design one of these and make it out of old sail cloth. That should withstand the weight and the abuse it would go through.

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I have travelled overseas with my longboard using my kitefoil bag. Fits a Bustin Maestro all nice and cosy, with good padding, and plenty of pockets for tools and stuff. Still goes to the oversize luggage counter because it’s longer than the typical suitcase, but that’s no hassle.
When you have to carry it with the handle through terminals, you wished it had wheels, despite having plenty of wheels inside…
Anyway that’s the one:


I suppose you could purchase a guitar case and rip out the innards and pad it yourself.

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