Smart BMS bluetooth module

Ordered a number of these bms:

But I’m not finding any bluetooth modules included.

Emailed the seller but they’re not responsive at all.

By chance, does anyone know what kind of bluetooth module it is? I have one on hand and trying to decipher what’s on the pcb but can’t see any identifying markers.


Not sure exactly what module but there are a few on eBay under ‘BMS Bluetooth’

Have any better photos of the module?

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holy shit, why didn’t i think of this.

will compare tonight.


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I got this one with a 10S version but I guess they are all the same


That’s a Telink tlsr8266 SoC, low cost pretty commonly used Bluetooth-UART module. See them often in fitness trackers.

PB_TLSR8266-E_Product Brief for Telink BLE SoC TLSR8266.pdf (276.1 KB)

I would still recommend finding a module that is intended for BMS application because these can run custom firmware.


That shop you liked asks for $24 shipping on TH $6 module ^^

They literally write:

I also ordered a new BMS from them, but they seem unresponsive due to the Chinese New Year, now with the virus, I guess we’ll have to wait for a few more weeks.

edit: seems pretty unlucky for us 12s users, but on every other model you choose they do specify in the image that the module is included:

Off eBay i had to order the bms and the module separately.

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You probably already know but there is a small drain on the battery with the smart bms when it is just sitting for days


I don’t know why people care about this, eskate batteries are absolutely huge, and bluetooth is a protocol that’s designed to be battery efficient.
I’ve left my board for over 2 weeks at 50%, didn’t see too much of a change.
If you ask the BMS to balance the cells all the time, sure it might have a slight impact on the battery, but as the battery of our boards are huge, the impact might still be negligible.

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Reporting 4.08V to 4.00V in 8 days in a 12S 10AH pack w/ a Unity and this smart BMS.

It did a great job keeping the cells balanced though, lol. w/in .004.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to store your cells that charged for that long, but at that rate seems that it’s going to take 100 days before it reaches their dead point of 3.0v

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They are lipos, so possibly much less til empty.

I fucked around with these and BT05 HM10, not really interoperable. I have a few units, and they changed the module at least once. Not sure if they interoperate.

Also, I blew up 2 of these bms, so I guess I have some spare BT modules. @thisguyhere wanna try one of my orphans?

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Gonna have to ask you to expand on this, Chief

Sure thing. I charge with a variety of charger-like objects. Meanwell HLG series, lab PSUs, Ruideng DPS/DHP units. The particular one I blew up is 15s lifepo4. Apparently if you plug in a DPS5005 unpowered into the charge jack, a pleasant smell emanates from the BMS, and it no longer works. Twice. Theory is there are some filter caps on the output of the DPS units, and the reverse flow popped the BMS. You’d think BMS would limit current or something…

It’s fine if I power up the charger before plugging in.

Anyway, I put a fuse on the charge port after the 2nd one, then lol I did it again, and confirmed that the fuse works.


Yeah… I’ve pretty much decided that BMS/battery systems is the next thing on my list to tackle after OSRR is launched. There are a lot of things we could do better here.


How about a power switch? :slight_smile:

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Power switches belong on the BMS ideally anyway, so yes.


Oh btw while we’re kinda sorta on the topic my current favorite charger like object

If I ever try making anything on a PCB, I want to use the chip these smartbms use and make a tiny battery monitor, with a JST passthrough for an external balancer. These chips are really cheap, like $6, vs the chip in diebiems and flexibms, which are like $20?