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Small wheels best grip?

Torqueboards 110mm urethane wheels, cloudwheels, airless honeycomb wheels, etc. W

What small wheels got the best grip?

I am building a street board and there is often some sand on the streets around my home.

Thank you!

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Probably the onsra 115 tbh

e: if u have to use thane, then probably orangatang harfang version, but i still wouldn’t trust it that much in rain


110s plus sand is definitely a recipe for getting loose, however the softer versions (72A and 74A) handle patches of sand better than the OG 78A wheels for sure.

I have not tried the other wheels you mentioned but compared to urethane, rubber 6X2s (Klevers) have given me WAY more grip over sandy and dusty roads than anything else I have tried. If you can take the range hit, rubber wheels may be the way to go.

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oh and i forgot hollow wheels exist:

also a decent option for grip, but not sure about loose sand, gravel / wet road performance, probably still better than thane tho


airless honeycomb hands down the rubber compound has much better natural grip with pavement then thane does. Ofc i am slightly biased but im being honest having tons of experience on thane from manual into esk8 and then for a short time riding esk8 on thane before swapping to airless. I hate esk8 thane wheels personally for a few but im not against riding on thane wheels but i prefer the superior grip and comfort from my airless wheels plus the aerodynamics since i have the windmill version.

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Thanks for your replies!! Let’s go for rubber wheels!

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70mm contact patch - I don’t think anything can beat that