Small (around 165mm) tires that will stretch to 65mm?

Anybody know of a tire with < 8" diameter that will stretch to 65mm wide? I tried the 165mm Trampa Urban Treads which are 45mm and they are too narrow. The profile of those tires is particularly round and rubber is quite thick and stiff. I could also go a bit larger on the tires if need be.

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meepo cyclone racing or tubeless are good option

I think Land Surf has something like that too

Thanks. Unfortunately I already have wheels and even if I didn’t, I don’t suppose you know if those wheels are MBS bolt pattern?

Thanks. Yeah I see these: XCELL™ RS™ E-Skate Tires 165mm x 62mm - set of 4 - Land-Surf, LLC.. Not available right now but they certainly fit the bill. I’ll write to them.

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u can just get the tire if u want


iirc they are verrrrrrry close to mbs @ShutterShock i think u know?

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Thanks. I’d have to run tubes in them as I don’t think I could convert my existing rims to tubeless.

both tire works with tube as i’ve tested


I just bought a set of these to use with newbee pentagram v2 hubs. I’ll report back when I have some miles on them if I ever finish building my race board :grimacing:


Awesome. I just ordered a set and I’ll be running them on Pentagrams too.

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If anyone has pics of those Linnpower 165x72 tires inflated, I’d love to see them. If the contact patch stays as wide as the tread, I may need to order a set for myself.

not if i put on miles befire you!

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just inflate til the profile is flat, ez pz

use 150mm tubes

or just run them flat :rofl:

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You don’t think 165mm tubes will work?

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They fit MBS pattern as far as I’ve seen

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They definitely round a little when inflated. IMO this is a good thing because it gives you a comfier ride compared to a totally flat tire like xcell rs.

If you want flat and comfy, bkb is a good option but don’t try to use them with wide rims.

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Check out some of the pics of my raceboard on Instagram @rbe_motion, they are nearly flat but have a very small round to em. Pretty great for all around tires I’d think, but I only use them for racing so it’s hard to say

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If this is what they look like fully inflated, then I need a set:

Ryan Berardelli (@rbe_motion) | Instagram

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Ya that’s it. This is the tubeless variant, idk if they look different with tubes in them. I think this was around 30psi at the time

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