Sleave that will fit this hub? Help kelp?

what hub is it?

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It says Hobbywing 83mm 70kv on em can’t seem to find any replacement parts for it.

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Sounds about right.
Lots of hub motors out there that you just can’t get replacement parts for.

It’s one of the reasons we try to steer new esk8 hopefuls away from hubs, or at least away from hubs that are basically single-use consumable items.

You can try and contact Hobbywing, but I wouldn’t give good odds on them helping you.


F it im gonna force those 105 dounts to work on em gonna need lots of glue. Anyone know good adhesives for polyurethane?

Just don’t. donuts are sized for 90mm hubs. It’s not even gonna work.


You’ll waste money and parts trying. It’s best to just not use those hubs.


This a painful road. Suggest another plan.


This is a 83mm hub shouldn’t be that far from 90mm. I’ll try cutting my old regular wheels to size first what adhesive is ideal anyone know?

Remember that you can’t cut things bigger, only smaller.

Cutting things smaller means you need more epoxy which gets even sketchier. You will without a doubt not be able to center the sleeve anyway.


Do you have measurement of the inside of those donuts?

Didn’t think of that hmm direct drive conversion?

I would advise you to just get a proper set of hub motors (or DDs). This seems more of a waste of money time and overall resources.

If you want to pursue your plan then please take pictures and take us for a ride.


I mean might as well give I have been known for being a mosaicist :joy:



where can I see a mosaic you’ve done?

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Well the hubs sleeves are probably going to be my first one.

That’s weird, I assumed because a bunch of prebuilt boards use hobbywing hubs that you could just fit a replacement sleeve from those brands. Are there multiple sizes from hobbywing?

Also @NewNoob what board were they originally attached to?

I forgot the name at this point changed the grip tape.