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@zero_ads @tipsy motors have arrived 138 and 125kv DM if you need a set

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I need 205kv :blush:

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Shoot! Lol had this all confused in my head, 205s come next week


Making this bundle, full description coming later this week

Used discount code “Fredrick”

For a limited time 15% off

RIP brother :sob:


@Skyart do the tuovt tires fit any other rim, or only 3ds?

At the moment only 3ds, not aware of any other rim out there unless it’s for a scooter. I think @ShutterShock been messing with them too, you print a rim yet Ryan?

@Shadowfax the rim is HUGE

Bottom picture comparison is a bit scewed because the small rim is for the small Hoyt tyre but it gives you an idea

This rim is also only compatible with finality gear drives, since it has no bearing seat and just mounts straight to the roller bearing assembley


Yep I have two of them printed actually, I need to get back to testing them but the initial results were promising.

Mine use a 28mm bearing seat and MBS Rockstar bolt pattern, compatible with BN gear drives

Sort of tough to justify a rim design being produced for a single tire that’s only available on Aliexpress so I’m a little unclear as to what my path forward should be

I usualy have a bit of stock of these, but yeah they expensive to import if you buying more then a set or two

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The shipping is pricey for them because they’re so big.

I haven’t attempted an alibaba deal but still

Yeah the shipping is nuts

What battery did you stick inside that beast of enclosure? How big are the hubs and tires?


No battery in there yet, but looking like it will be an 18s10p

The tires are 8.5x3 and the hubs are 135mm in diameter :rocket::zap:

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180 cells… sheesh.

I wanna know what that looks like if it ever caught fire. for science


And it fits in this enclosure double stacked :rocket:…lol it’s such a tub