SKP Magnetic proto - a race board (Magnetic RS+ prototype)

Hi y’all!

I havent done a build thread in years…and likely be a while before I do another.

My first true DIY was a landyachtz evo and I LOVED IT!

I remember how much research I did back in the day, selecting a reasonably priced yet reliable spot welder, finding a good deal on recycled cells, thanks @Dog i think the first pack I ever built was made with old bike batteries you sold me.

It was a 12s10p Mj1 pack :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Shout out to Robin! @Agressivstreetlamp Where you at man? PURPLE NIPS!!!

This board began my love for the split angle drops

This was also special because up until then I was rolling around on 10s2p meepo V1 packs and a TB12s4p 30q.

The 12s10p offered sooo much range compared to my previous batteries I felt as though I could go anywhere I wanted on my board…it was like really special, and even more so because I built the entire thing myself. I was running some Official Tramps Vesc 2 in that board if memory serves, and some TB6380 170kv motors

And after that I built MANY MANY…MAAANY boards, Trampas, Fluxs, Evos, Subsonics, Plutos, Red Embers…you name it I’ve prolly had it through my at the time closet or now garage…except a Haero bro or an MBS deck, never had any of those.

But none stole my heart like the Subsonic Century did this one is particular

This one had a 14s8p Tesla battery in it and a spintend V1 until the spinny blew up… @ShutterShock the temporary battery in your 44 is out of here originally…

it rode and handled like a dream

And then it evolved
With Stormcore Available and 18s being only a battery build away…it was time

18s 4wd on TBDDXL…this was such an incredibly fun board…it was then that I fell in love with 4wd boards

At This point I had already been building many batteries and even doing some commissioned completes…And there is prolly a lot of story I missed here but the gist…I loved that split angle drop deck, loved 4wd…still do

Then i built this insanely massive 4WD lacroix 18s12p 2170 Tesla

it was 2wd to start with

This board is also special because to this day it hold my personal record for top speed 49MPH in its 2wd form …then things got out of hand, I bought my first small run of Reacher MOTORS!

Science went well, so i kept buying them and eventually started selling them.

4WD happened to the Lacroix

The board was a MURDERER! quite literally

:grin: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We are going to skip alot here, because i am tired of typing

I have been working very closely with extremely talented community members…thank you @tomiboi @shaman @3DServisas @rpasichnyk @jaykup @bboybowzer @DavidF and so many others in this community…you have all played key roles in making this happen!!!


MAGNETIC RS+ prototype
This will be my race board for Esk8con and the inspiration to the soon to come 4wd complete board that will be available On my website.

Prototype parts/specs
18s6p Molicell p45b
4wd 1:4.5 helical gear drive
150mm tires
300KV motors
Solo ESC

Limited to 55mph at 100k erpm. 75mph possible at 135k erpm (if anyone dares tempt VESC)
And very torque, so torque, very torque!!

I am running full Solo ESC specs on this
80 battery 140motor amps per motor

I went on my first ride on this board today…it is exactly what I have always wanted… the feel of the century deck, but a longer wider stance…tiny bit of concave…and the most incredible 4wd drivetrain ever…

This is how I feel about my prototype… I freaking love it and if you come to Esk8con please come try it out :zap::zap::rocket:

Thanks for reading fellas! And fellowets!


Century is best deck ever so I decided to make an Esk8 focused version of it, SOLO is killing it running 18s…4wd or bust :fire:

Its been good to reflect on my past in this sport here is a pic of my first Mod sometime in 2019 i think.

And here are a few clips of Magnetic RS+ proto

Full length video coming sometime next week if weather allows

Also separate post about the deck and details on when it’s available for DIY coming later this month.




Congrats mate!
Working with you has been a blast :heart:


:joy: so I did basically build your century

Maybe we need to get these 2 boards together for a where it started to where were at


This is an amazing board!


Thank you! It feels very special :fire: and very different from anything I’ve ever ridden


are y considering putting bindings on?


18s12p is beyond mental
100 miles range must have been possible


Yeesh, are you able to use full torque without burning out? That’s almost 1100N of thrust :joy: Epic build dude


Are these gear drives the usual ones you already sell, or are they actually magnetic gears? :open_mouth: The board sounds like it’s out of a sci-fi movie! I want that sound so bad :hot_face:


Hot Daniel! This is a killer :ninja:



The ones on this board are the older version of 3Ds AT drives they are a little bit different because of the lower gearing, 8t motor pinion and 36 wheel. The gear case is slightly shorter too because of the smaller motor pinion.

Production board will have the all new Finality HD style gear drive but made for longboard trucks


For sure not, or definitely not me anyways :rofl: I am a bit of a grandpa these days when it comes to riding. This has the feeling of taking off from under you at any point so Gotta be really careful with the throttle.

Yes! I have some half bindings, I had a bit of a crash a While ago with full bindings and I am scurred of them now


So dope.


Daaamn, alright @Sk8tedad when you going to take this monster to 75 mph :crazy_face:


I’m free today :face_with_monocle::partying_face:

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I like the huge drives! I am waiting for it to stop raining :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wow lol hard to believe my batt survived a fire. Such a cool build


can I come try the board ?

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