sk8tedad's cave of BS no build here

Abandon hope all ye that enter, nothing to see here, move along (i engage in shameless lies particulrly about the speed of my rides,im small inside,let me be)

I have yet to build a board as my main talent is letting the magic smoke out. instead ill sequester my off topic madness here.

Edit, i think its funny i misspelled my username 3 times before i got it correct in the title .Looks at actual user name, looks at title,DAM IT,NOT AGAIN!
In this “thread”,i will be letting my ADD fly, telling really bad dad jokes(some where my kids groan in their sleep) and shilling for SKP. Luckily for 90% of you who this isnt interesting you can avoid it. The other 10% of you, seek help!
Also i want to take this oppertunity to absolve Artem (skyart) of ALL BLAME when i kill my self on my board. I have been trying to kill my self on wheels,tracks,bikes,motorcycles ,skis,snowboards,hell anything you can careen down a hill on,for years. If his work finnaly does it, it should be an honor, not a burden. The few people in my life know with out looking ill be grinning manicaly under my helmet.

EDIT UPDATE: im almost a month in,FUCK I WONT SHUT UP,i never thought this would be this sucessful or long,pack a lunch dont drink while reading, eithre the lies or joke may make you spit liquid out you nose,you have been warned. Thanks for being an amazing community!!


You might want to upload to YouTube first and paste links.

iPhone videos suck on the forum


at 2:28 if you lok at my DavegaX im doing 35 up the hill, it sure doesnt look like it from video,on video it seems like dogs could run me down(well my dog could)

damed slow cars!
for the love of god get the camera UP

last one, i have to get up in 6 hours

Ha you kow what,this is my place to be off topic,lets have a picof my best friend, just because i can (hooray)

her name isn’t legs or boots or socks. This is Lily Doberman X Great Pyrenees , mighty watch dog, fierce snuggler,scourge of balls,raccons,coyotes. Here she is saying “screw the camera,THROW THE BALL!!!”
Ha, I love this, i may never post out side of here again, if nothing else for the sanity of Evwan and Jamie(sorry,i did say i was 49 going on 15)


Ha! It worked! They are broken up I. To 2 minutes because I didn’t know better. I have 3 more, I’ll post a full ride soon, excuse the shit camera work and slow riding, the phone is distracting

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“Video is private”
Probably gotta change some settings

Thanks, how about now? Fire content so far(not)


Those roads in the hills are looking tasty


cool ! ill get the whole 20miles tomorrow, so much fresh pavment,so few sk8ts . Im loking forward to sharing the route,at reasonabl speeds of corse. I hope you guys can make it some time, you can see my hand print on my garage door from coming down my driveway too hot the other day on 175m tires

Dreamy roads for sure, should I bring thane :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i ordered one just because they paved it all, my company paved half, i was such a pain in the ass"uh are you going to leave it like that? what about those rock pockets,can we have red and whit mountable curbs?" " you missed a spot, dont leave those roller marks" im not even on the pave crew! i mainly run large excavator,but i had opinions that whole week


i am shocked i got video to work, next ill ride the whole 20 miles phone in hand

Niiice good looking out haha

I dont rember wich member suggested i sequester my bs here, but thank you! It allows me to be me and the rest of you to steer clear, if the forum ever dies and im still alive,i bet im posting here ,chuclking at my self,oblivious you all have moved on. Dont bother calling the guys in white coats with butterfly nets, they could never catch me.


Along with rambling you need a bunch of random board pictures!!!

Also on the first video that road looks cool to ride on. But also scary as far as other vehicles…

What do you do if a car comes up behind you? And what are is the speed limit there?

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Also A+ for dog pics.

SKP6395 motors, 12s8p (now 14S12P 42a battery and SKP VESC)SKP battery WCS Llama deck by pscyhotiller( RIP Dave). 3dservesas gear drives Tomiboi bindings, skinned by @Kai, assembled by @Skyart , abuse by @Sk8tedad
BKB 150mn tires in back, Torque board 150mm tires in front, Trampa front and rear brush bars

dont look at my Davegax, must have been a slow day
EDIT: so there has been intrest in a build thread, ill update here we just added a SKP solis(solo?) ESC and an SKP 14s12p 42A monster battery,we were trying to get me at least 55 mph top speed, wringing thus typ of performance has some learning curve,Artem(AT SKYART) is very patient im almost a BOOMER so imagine dealing with me,i just masteres screen time and screen sharing


I’m operating a cat375 excavator, say 110,000 lbs, I’m sure I forgot something, I don’t know Kai’s username to tag him

Well if the car is faster than me I pull in a driveway, but most are slow, the roads are intimidating to many. I do 35 to 44, but the car speeds are 25-40, I routinely pass cars . I try to be an ambassador for any activity I do, I slow way down for pedestrians, plus I’m the only one skating here, most people know me and where I live


75% of my rides are at night, so I have it to myself, and I can see cars coming from around the bends, no street lights


You’d never guess it. It’s definately not @Kai, that’s some random Florida man.