Sk8tan's Spotify

Drop your sk8 playlists.

Spotify/YouTube/SoundCloud or whatever you use.

What do you listen to while riding the concrete wave?

This list has been evolving since my board didn’t have motors. 8 years deep now.

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brian pops up to remind us of a year old dead thread when we start a new one. thanks brian. why are you like this? no one knows. but we still love you. none of my playlists are saved in a shareable manner, ill work on that.


My apologies, I didn’t notice that thread.

2022 edition in here I guess.

There’s also a skate tunes thread on the freesk8 forum:
(although it’s more for individual songs)

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It needs more salsa.


my salsa?


Because it not only links the old thread here, but it also links the new thread if you look at the first post on the old one :wink:

It’s for ease of browsing by curious readers, and for ease of finding information using search, when related local threads are connected together.


Buckethead has some pretty good albums for a long skate


love me some buckethead, pretty sure I have 3 Fingers on my longboard playlist


I been cruisin around to poor man’s poison a lot lately.

I’ve been banging this for almost a solid 3 months

I bet @EreTroN listens to this stuff too judging by his A E S T H E T I C


Unfortunately I am a deezer user not Spotify.

While I can ride to this kind of music I prefer some heavy stuff.

Periphery / In Flames / Soilwork / architects


My playlist has ADHD.

But if you like heavy shit, check out along came a spider, happy hour, Beartooth, I prevail… I got a gang of this shit xD

Bandits rmx fuckin slaps tho

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Honestly I have terrible taste xD

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I listen to this whole album once or twice a year, bout to ride out and do it again.

What do you guys use to listen to music with your helmet? I know since people just wear earbuds. I’ve been looking get getting a Bluetooth insert for my helmet for calling and music.

There are these things called…i forgot the name but they work by transferring the music to the bones behind your ears so you hear your music via your bones directly in your head so to speak.
Pretty freaky stuff, also, your ears are free for traffic and people and other obstacles.

I got it, “bone induction headphones” they’re called.

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I listen to tons of good music, but never whilst skating or cycling. I rely on my hearing too much.