Single enclosure on a flex deck?help needed

So I have a meepo style flex deck and I have a 12s5p

This deck can only sustain 1 enclosure would that work on a flex deck or would battery snap

I also have a cheap Chinese stiff deck but I am not sure how reliable it is if I go at any sort of high speed

What deck should I use and would single enclosure not work on a flex deck

Depends if battery and enclosure are made to be flexible

Enclosure is fibreglass and how would I know if the battery is flexible

Basically I have 2 enclosure but the side the battery takes up doesn’t allow me to mount 2 enclosures on that flex deck

So either would have to use 1 enclosure or go for a stiff deck but not sure if stiff deck is safe

So would that work

@tinp123 Is it a flex battery

hand + battery
if bend
battery = flexible
if no bend
battery = no flexible


It’s the second time I see this and why would you say that ?!
Stiff deck are safer than flexible ones, at high speed
They’re only less confortable on shitty concrete, but nothing big and soft wheels can’t fix

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No as in asking since it’s a £50 Chinese random one should it still be fine

I also have a meepo v2 deck not sure if that is flexible enough to make a difference would that deck work

dude for 50 pound you can get a not so bad deck, don’t have to be chinese
look arbor or sector nine, on private sport shop or lookout for deals

If the battery is super stiff, a meepo deck will be too flexible

Battery has some flex, because series connections are wires, but there is cardboard between rows, and cardboard won’t allow flex.

So since the meepo deck has minimal flex would it work or not

Your enclosure is from epoxy and fiberglass and is quite stiff. You wanted to use meepo deck and 2 part enclosure until yesterday. Now again different plans.

As I found this is what happens when I try fitting the enclosure on my deck

No space

This is what happens when a builder doesn’t do any research and just ask questions at random.


I thought there would be space for it as I was told battery is 40cm long however I see now that the enclosure is to big for it

Can you trim those enclosures down?

It’s really hard to tell what’s going on in that picture

As in I could by an inch or two but what I am asking is would that battery still work if the deck has a slight flex

After trimming it down you would have around 5cm in the middle for flex to happen

Is that enough

The flex isn’t just going to automatically happen between the enclosures, the whole deck is still going to flex.

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