Simple Guide to Removing Loctited Gears

This question comes up from time to time. Having just done it, I figured I’d post the process for people to learn from / improve on.

If you follow this, it should take you no more than 15-20 minutes to remove two pinion gears that were secured with Loctite 638/648 High Strength Retaining Compound without percussive maintenance (hammers), giant pry bars, or struggling.



  • Gather all your tools. DO THIS OUTSIDE. Do not catch yourself or your house on fire fucking with a blowtorch. And protect anything that can’t get hot - the rest of your board, battery, etc

  • Get a generous amount of aluminum foil, rip it off, and fold it over and over. The final product should cover your drive assembly. Aluminum conducts heat quite well, but the air pockets in your foil sandwich act as excellent insulation. More layers the better.

  • Poke a hole in your foil with your screwdriver. Make the hole big enough for your pinion gear, but just barely.

  • Install. This protects your assembly (and motor) from heating up.

  • Test your torch safely. Make sure you know how to use it and it works, no leaks, no smells. OUTSIDE

  • Aim your torch at the loctited shaft and hit it for about 10 seconds. The hottest part of the torch flame is the tip of the inner flame, so you want your torch pretty close.

  • The top layer of foil will burn/melt, but your mount should be cool enough to touch immediately after you finish if you have enough layers (BE SMART, DON’T BURN YOURSELF.)

  • Install your magnets/standoff to the tip of the gear puller, so you have enough travel to pull the pinion completely off the shaft before bottoming out on the larger diameter puller tip. Magnets make it easy because they stay in place while you’re working.

  • Install your gear puller. I recommend you adjust your puller to the right size before you start all this, so you’re not fiddling around too long.

  • Pull

If your key is stuck in the keyway, now is the time to carefully wedge your flathead screwdriver into the crack and pry it out.

Congrats! You’re done. Right tools, right job (results vary dramatically if you choose to half-ass this with other non-ideal tools). Time to install helicals / new pinions / disassemble / whatever.



Can confirm, wiper arm puller ftw.


Are you using 10mm gears? I had to take the tip off my puller to use it on 8mm.




Alternatively just don’t use loctite, live life on the edge :grin:


Yeah, I shaved down the tip with a dremel just to get enough clearance

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I just pulled it off.

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The foil is a great idea for those who need to torch heavily. I used a large tip on my hot air gun that fit well over the motor shaft. just left that on there for a min or two at max heat avoided the fumes, walked over and gave it a little extra (small) torching if needed.

then it came right off with just light prying.


Yes, this.

Instead of using the magnets, just back the plunger out until the tip pops off, and discard the tip. Now it’s small enough to fit in that 8mm shaft.


So: Just the tip and only for a minute :rofl: :rofl:

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This is so great! I never considered using magnets as stand offs. Thank you for the tips.

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Removing the tip of the puller is also a good option. I literally had a stack of 6mm(?) magnets within reach, so i chose the lazy way.

8mm motor shaft, 8mm gears

Everything gets loctite. Everything.

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It’s been about 40 miles and still keep forgetting to loctite any of my shoulder bolts

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Nice! I feel like I’d be worried about the magnets shattering depending on how much force was used

I suppose the fit the bill though, being the correct size and all. And they stay in place on the motor shaft so that helps


I second this. Awesome work @Evwan :innocent:

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I’ve found that the shaft isn’t long enough. (That’s what she said.) so the magnets make perfect sense to me.

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Loctite is the only reason my wife hasn’t left me.


I have well over 1000km without loctiting any shoulder bolts, as long as you’re not using anything that transmits force through the axle (hubs) you should be fine.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:no loctite !!!

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