Show me your MTB cable managament solutions, center top mounted battery box -> rear mounted ESC enclosure

Looking for some inspiration,

How do you deal with cable management from the center top mounted battery to the rear mounted esc enclosure.

I know Trampa have routed channels through some of their decks, and I think apex run it under a foot pad. but perhaps some of you run it under the board, lets have a look see!

I know a lot of people run them through the bindings, but what if you don’t use bindings?


A lot of people run them through the bindings.

yep, but if you don’t use bindings? (edited post)


that’s the sort of thing, :+1: nice innovation, although the deck i’m looking at using already has an aggressive concave.

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don’t mind the shoe

and the box, i’m fixin that hopefully by this week

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From a structural stand point it’s worse to make slots in the bottom of the deck, and from a reliability stand point it’s dangerous to run it on the edge or bottom unless you have a shield for it

A slot in the top is easy to cover with grip tape, and is generally safest. If you’re feeling fancy there’s ways to flush mount connectors so they plug into the enclosure directly but disconnect when you remove the enclosure

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I think @Trampa and @ApexBoards have the right idea with running it under your feet to pop up inside the esc case.

Otherwise through the binding can be ok but I would not really like that solution very long term because it locks you in, to bindings.

@ZachTetra @Fosterqc, I agree with all those points.

I have had a few queries from the community, asking if they could top mount batteries on my new deck design. I am in the process of knocking up a temporary top mounted setup, as I wait on the underside enclosure prototypes, so I can get on with testing thoroughly these decks, (quickly shift the electronics from one prototype to another). So, I thought I might try to make a decent top mounted setup and perhaps show off the deck’s potential uses.

I’m just not experienced with using bindings (other than snowboards), so was looking for an alternative, (especially when testing a new deck). I also don’t really want to carve channels into the deck. I might just continue to knock together some nasty temp solution, but I’m a little OCD and this will bug the shit out of me!


I run my power cables along the side of the deck. Zip ties to the batt box then routed along under the wing to the esc box.


@Saturn_Corp what pack you running there, that is one big unit!

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I was thinking of like a mini, very low profile underside enclosure, like a protective spine, printed in a thick layer of TPU.


You could also consider doing similar on top and shaping it as W concave. Thats what i did on my 4wd mtb and i loved it


Side of the deck cable routing a bad idea?

With like a bent and painted metal/tough plastic cover, not just attached. Ideally it would not poke below the deck at all.

Would need to be low profile as to not get detached when you clip something somehow. It could be a good way to build some cool lighting however.

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Could always consider flat braid under griptape as well

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Literally just been sorting this out myself. I got a bro deck to replace the 16 ply trampa deck on my gear board but I didn’t want the vescs mounted at the rear. I took a Apex’s stomp pad idea and drew up some pads, printe them in tpu and a Pla + centre section to keep the rigidity over the wires.
Waiting on the adhesive to set as I used PU adhesive to put the pads on the deck. It looks pretty good in my opinion.



I’m new to top mount. Is esc mounting location (center or rear) just preference, or are there are potential performance pros & cons?

i think it’s mainly preference

i had mine in the middle, which would mean 700g less stuff at the tips to push around, but at yhe tips i got more space for batteries



That is CLEAN!!!Nice job.