Should I buy an Electric Unicycle - EUC?

I’m kind of late to this but you can 100% ask you physical therapist about what they think about riding it. Make it clear that not riding is an issue for you so that way they can take that into account.

That is what I did when I was in physical therapy. My PT said no manual boards but that with electric it isn’t great and she isn’t a fan but that they shouldn’t cause as many issues with muscle imbalances. Although she was not happy with me when I’d fall and get injured :rofl: It ended up being good for me to have that happen since I was able to learn how to stretch after a fall to make things better and how much it should hurt when doing that.

I would ride switch on my manual board too but not on my esk8 since riding “normal” has your back to traffic which is just a horrible idea. I can still ride switch on my esk8 but I’m more jerky during acceleration and breaking when riding with the left foot in the back. My PT still did not approve using my manual board for exercise even if I switched to make both sides even

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I wonder if a doctor or physical therapist would be able to get a good handle on what a bunch of miles on esk8 does.

I wonder if I can try to communicate it.

It is such an unusual activity. That I think if you don’t do it, it may be hard to understand what parts of the body you use.

I am still waiting to get into PT but will definitely be talking about riding!!!


I think a good PT should be able to understand it overall. At the time I was in PT my board was new so my hub motors were still running smoothly, but if I was to ask her opinion on it now I think she might have been more against it. Those motors are no where near smooth these days and the extra vibrations they produce are much harder on my body :rofl:

The EUC might be a different story though so I’d recommend you bring it with you or show photos and videos of how you body looks when riding it. I’d bring my board to my PT sometimes just because that was how I got there but my PT did not need it to make any decisions. She was older/ more experienced but still understood it well so don’t think that the age of the PT will matter.

Hopefully it doesn’t take too much longer. Physical therapy is always worth it IMO since they will work with you so you can learn what to do to avoid or minimize pain long term. It was very helpful for me since I have a bad habit of doing things regardless of pain so I had no understanding of what pain is safe to ignore and what pain was an indicator to stop so I don’t do further damage to myself. Plus I was able to build muscle around some of my joints so they’d stop trying to dislocate all the damn time

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The title should now be.

Should I keep the EUC.

Got here today.
Let’s see what happens.


So today makes it 4 days of having the EUC.

I have ridden it some every day.

I am honestly still on the fence as to whether I keep it or not.

Everyday it seems to get easier.

It is still so weird.

I really can’t go fast.
I think I may have hit 17, but I think 12 is usually what I am topping at…

I think I have about 40 miles on it now.
I have done a 12 mile ride and 10 miler, and then a bunch of smaller rides.


Is it working for what you needed in terms of pain prevention?

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Yes and no.

There are many moments that are pretty much effortless and perfect posture.

So the potential is there.

The trouble lies in me not being super steady yet and making jerky adjustments.

So theoretically, if I get more comfortable and have better control I should be able to achieve a good deal if comfort.

How long to get there is a crapshoot…

I am also being dumb and pushing through some pain to ride, so that is not terribly smart.

But I am excited and in good spirits and sweating and getting the breeze in my face.

I am in fact going to go ride with the 2 guys here in a few.

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now i’m flying on my v12 and im ready to sell it and buy an s22.
I felt the same way. Keep it for a month, then make your decision. I’m at the one month mark and I went from “no way, it’s getting sold” to “yes, it’s getting sold for an upgrade”

I use the EUC and the board differently. For me, the board is for leisure and fucking around, the uni is for getting stuff done. I’m still not finding the euc to be more fun than an esk8.

Riding EUCs is easy at the one month mark. I got on a modded s22 and threw it around a track the other day without much thought. It feels like you put a PEV on easy mode. Dont have to think about traction, which is huge while racing.

I’m at 450 miles on the v12. I’ve hit 35 on it. For a “16” wheel" that’s plenty as it starts to get pretty unstable at that point.

And for anyone that’s about to comment “EUCs make awful skateboards”, I still put more miles on my mtb. At half the weight and a significantly higher power output, it’s a blast.


Insane me wants to send the V11 back and buy the Patton!!!

the fatton is a fucking brick. Try a modded s22. It costs a bit more all in but it has like double the suspension travel. The fatton has torque, but it gets sketchy around 33 bc of the smaller size.

The s22 is wide, but I found that to be super comfortable. The fatton is just a brick. It was hard to manouver n get started. If you wanna upgrade, keep the v11 till the end of the return period and return it last minute. You want all of the practice you can get on a smaller lighter euc. Trust me, it’s not easy switching to something like that.


I ride with EUC riders and really do admire the performance, and especially the agility they have. In fact I like to ride with them to push myself and my boards to try to do all the things they can do.

Consequently, I’ve found myself going over “should I get an EUC” thing multiple times and was so close to getting one a couple of times.

However, at least so far, I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. The first and foremost reason is safety. I just worry about any vehicle that relies on systems for balance. Second, doing DIY on boards, I prefer riding something that I know the guts of (for the most part) and can easily repair. Even dealing just with a flat tire on those things looks like a complete PITA.

But yeah they are pretty awesome machines.


I went on a 13 mile night ride with the two dudes and it was super fun.

I got up to 18 mph and was carving up a storm and navigating really well.

So tonight felt really promising…

Carving on a big open space was awesome.

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Keep at it man! That 1 month mark that @Evwan mentions is definitely the make it or break it moment. You’ll get there and it will feel as natural as walking. The first few days I looked like a complete idiot flailing my arms around just to keep my balance, but those jerky movements will be gone and it will feel as if you’re one with the wheel. Also having people to ride with and push you is a great plus, you just have to get them hooked on esk8 next :joy:

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yeah the transition from learning to just crusing around nicely was actually quite sudden. it just clicks

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So I am at day 13 of owning the V11.
I have ridden 145 miles.
So a smidge over 10 miles a day on average…
Some days more.
Some days less.

I have done some pretty long rides…
10, 12, 14 miles

And I can get it to go pretty much where I want.

Most mounts are smooth.

But dude…
I still find it hard and weird.

I have only hit 20 mph.
But I think I usually cruise around 15.

There are some good vibes.
Some carving and cornering feels really cool and like I am getting it.

I do feel comfortable as far as my neck goes and I have greatly reduced the jerky movements.

There are some struggles.
I get wobbles a lot. I am able to resolve them well. But can’t seem to mitigate them to start with. And I am always carving.

So this goes with not being able to go fast.

I get tired…
I am still fighting it too much and thinking too much.
So 10 miles is way far.
When I did the 14 miles I was dangerously tired In the last few miles.
My feet hurt, my lower back hurts, and my knees get to hurting.
I get similar issues with esk8 or the Onewheel, so it’s just something I expect.

I also expect it will get better.

So I am about half way through my Prime “trial”

As of right now I am thinking I will be keeping it.

My neck is not any better, and may be a little worse.
Tomorrow I go for an MRI, so soon I will have better information to fuel my fear or prudence.

Esk8 and Onewheel riding is quite limited. And does cause discomfort with my neck that I notice.

So the EUC is providing an outlet for me to ride and I get exercise and sweat and enjoy the view and breeze.

And I have been on quite a few rides with the EUC kids and my Onewheel buddies.

So that is pretty awesome.

They have to slow down for me a little bit, but for the most part I am keeping up.

I don’t think at this point I know any better to want anything other than the V11…

I sure as hell don’t need to spend any more money.
And I can’t imagine riding something that is even heavier than 60 lbs…

The Veteran wheels sure look cool though.


So far I am happy I took the chance to try it out and it is doing something positive.

Let’s see where it goes!!!


These matching EUC bruises are funny…


Are you squeezing the wheel between your legs while riding? At this point, you should be able to comfortably balance it between your legs and keep your feet towards the outside of the pedals for more agility. Squeezing the wheel causes some instability.

Inmotion wheels also fight you a bit and make it intentionally hard to go fast, so don’t be discouraged by your current speed. It’s a safety thing that I can respect. It’s hard for me to hit 30 on my v12. The s22 I impulse bought should fix that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m trying not to.
I am trying to have a wider stance. But Lean in with the outside leg on turns.
I am also trying to keep my feet well planted on the inside of the pedal so those things kind of fight each other.

So you already went And got another one…