Should I buy a Onewheel Pint?

it is worth mentioning this new footpad deactivates way easier with a heel lift.

there were plenty of times I struggled with the old one and ended up hopping off…

this one shuts down pretty easily and totally consistently.

up to 270 miles on the GT.
so that is about 70 since I got it back.

It gets action everyday.

I am pretty stoked on my little bonks here.

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This mornings Tai Chi ChuOnewheel was brought to you courtesy of the Pint X.


you got an Enduro on your GT?

is it tots amazeballs?

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Also @mariocontino

I believe you plan on building one…

but do you have an existing vesc based OneWheel that is running?

It’s very good, yes. Different, close to a Hoosier 5.5" feel. But better still.

I don’t currently have a working one, no. :frowning:

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oh boy oh boy.

I can’t wait.

I think I want to put some miles on the Enduro before deciding on the Half and Half kit.
those will be a long time before they ship anyways…

looks good

Bonks are looking clean. Awesome that you got the little guy out training too

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I ordered an Enduro for my XR yesterday from the EU shop.
They say it ships in the middle of August, I’m very excited.
My FF whisper is quite tired and leaky.

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@rafaelinmissouri How many miles do you now have on your boards? I’ve got 396 miles on my GT now! :smiley:

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That’s pretty good. All in with my onewheel boards I’m at 877 (since December 2021) but only 299 of that on my GT. Been traveling, so the riding has slacked off a bit. Can’t wait to get my enduro tire. Heard there was some issues with tires being out-of-round, so might be a delay

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@Adam0311 I have done all my miles in just July alone!


epic dude.
I got 711 on the PX and 328 on the GT.

@Adam0311 I got tracking on my Enduro yesterday but no movement yet…

I think they are seeing about 5% defect rate on the Enduro but they do not seem to fuck around as far as sending replacements.

I was away for work for 5 days and seriously had riding withdrawals…

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how come no lifesavers bro?

they seem like a nice accessory to slap on.

and did you guys cover axle bolt torque?

I have actual live tracking on mine now…


I thought you did the peel of the plastic on these? Or is that only on the pint?

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that was on the Pint X.
the GT footpad always activated well…

too well apparently.

I would like to try the foamies but I am not gonna touch the front pad on my GT…

I legit don’t think I have had one single false start on the GT.

not counting yesterday when I forgot I had turned it off…

Should get my enduro tomorrow. You put yours on yet?

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