Shortboards and Torque: Findings and Thoughts

I wanted to share my experience on my DIY build because I finally encountered an issue that is the result of, IMO, my plans working TOO well.

My motivation for a DIY was to build a more powerful version of the Boosted Mini. I wanted to go faster and with more power to get up steep SF hills.

So I landed on dual 6354 motors 170KV, with 83mm wheels, 36T wheel pulleys and 18T motor pulleys with a 10S battery. It’s essentially built for torque.

When I finally tried it out, I suddenly realized why most electric skateboards are longboards: the weight distribution that is shifted the back foot when the force of the motors propels you forward.

On a shortboard, it pushes you into a wheelie. I can’t use any setting higher than L. This also gave me an ah-ha moment on the Spud and Tayto decks. Those decks are probably the shortest that you can realistically go with powerful motors. Riptide uses 6S or 7S with 5055 motors. Boosted Mini uses 5055. I thought I was one step ahead of the manufacturer options, but they’re spec’d that way likely in part due to the limitation of that form factor.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, I used one of the Chinese ESC’s from eBay/DIYEBOARD that everyone seems to bash for being underpowered. Those ESCs are extremely powerful but need to be properly matched with a low KV motor in order to stay under the RPM limiter. Coupled with the RC7 remote or the MR Screen Remote, those dual ESCs are extremely powerful and smooth.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant a bit and give others who may be planning a similar build a heads up on my experiences with it.

For now, I am going to use a spare 36" downhill deck that I had as backup in case my shortboard wasn’t stable enough at speed. Coming from a long background of skating traditional short boards, I was not prepared for the esk8 forward momentum and am still getting used to it.

Update: Before I go the longboard route, I’m going to try extending the wheelbase on the shortboard. Factory settings are 17". I will start by re-mounting the back truck to extend wheelbase by 2.25", and extend into the nose if I want to go further. I may have to insert a shim on the back baseplate to maintain the same angle and height as the front truck. I figure I might as well experiment a bit with my current deck.


I just discovered this on my most recent board. It has a big kick tail but is pretty short still. The esc erpm limit was reflashed and the high speed setting kicks me into an unexpected wheelie if I’m not careful.

So far I’ve pulled them all off but I’m going to look like an ass clown one of these days.


front wheel drive


The trick is to run the current settings as high as possible and gear for as much torque as possible. That way when the board rips out from under you due to lack of a wide enough stance, you can properly stick a complete backflip instead of just banging your head on the street.


Subsonic Spirit worked great for me as a shortboard, the trucks mount directly under the tail with a flush-mount block, could still tic-tac and pivot when I needed to, but it took conscious effort, never got unexpected wheelies.


I’ve decided to do what I should have done all along: BKB Tayto with enclosure (once it’s back in stock).

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What is this erpm flashing that you speak of? Are you referring to a programmable VESC?

Sure is a good deal, I’ve heard only good things of the Loaded Omakase deck too though.

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Nah someone did a limited run of predator hub generic Chinese escs. I had nothing to do with it, just wound up with the hubs and esc.

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You just have to be fat. Then this is a non issue…


wheelies are awesomeness personified…

fun sucker


Currently gathering parts for a short deck 5045 dual
I’m on a 34 inch now and 6355 are pretty damn powerful


thin to win bruh… I love your short decks in the most non-gay way possible… but I’m working on some incredibly stuupid thin… 8.5" wide popsicle decks that have to much fun factor!


Kick flip or I don’t believe it😀


I’ll knak-knak your kick-flip…

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honestly it is kinda scary having your vans stop-check your gnar swoopy turns in front of the Betty’s…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


kool… you’ve seen me skate!!!

:laughing: :kissing_heart: :laughing:


Just checked out your journal. Sweet rides!

How did you like the Tayto when you had it in dual setup? Which enclosure did you use on the Tayto with the single drive? Looked pretty compact.

What is your favorite deck of you shortboard collection?


Obligatory come out and ride with baesk8 on Saturdays :ok_hand: