setting up p42a 12s4p on stormcore 60d+

Watching some tutorials and im already lost on parameters i need to input, cant find what im looking for online even tho this is a common build/config

What do I input in the curial areas in these screenshots, im good on everything else except this. New stormcore do i have to update any firmware or can i just start with autoconnect?

Im using a 12s4p Molicel P42A battery pack
Brand new Stormcore 60D+ with Hoyt Puck
6374 motors - eovan branded but i assume flipsky equivalent

none of these are my screenshots, theyre from mboards tutorial



Welcome to the rabbit hole friend. Be careful, there is a 3 vesc tm sacrifice for noobs.


Did you run wizard yet? Always run wizard on “new to you parts”. If something goes wrong, you want it to happen on the bench and not while riding.

Those settings look fine. What about your remote? Did you run wizard for that?


IMO your low voltage cutoff is way too low. I’d recommend raising both values and leaving yourself a good window that’ll actually ensure you feel the soft cutoff rather than sagging straight past it to full cutoff.

40.8 and 36 are my regular values.


none of these are my values, i havent done anything yet. They are screenshots from mboards tutorial with a 10s battery

Haven’t done nothing yet, just writing down on a notepad step by step so im not lost at any part. Im not following what you mean by new to you parts, i dont have other parts to try. Are you saying just do a basic test on the bench vs going out straight riding?

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Exactly. There are setup wizards you can run to test the parts initially.

Don’t listen to @glyphiks . He’s from Aus and probably drunk. But he is right nonetheless.

@Crate I’m going to make this easy for you because vesc tool is a nightmare for beginners.

Run FOC wizard detection, and then apply these values:

Battery start: 40.8v
Battery end: 36v

Motors: 80 amps (each side)
Motors: -70 amps (each side)
Battery amps: 50 amps (each side)
Battery regen amps: -16 amps (each side)

absolute max current: 200 amps

Duty cycle current limit start: 85%


I misread. Those are not your current values.

Run the motor wizard. It’ll give you some good data you can use later in the process.

While those aren’t your settings pictured, those are some safe starting settings you can use. Just up your battery cutoffs to what Al recommended.

Thank alot, all I needed for now!

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Everything is good up until the motor direction, one is perfect the other doesn’t want to move, although it spun with no problem when it was doing its initial calibration

I clicked finish after this. Do i switch motor cable sides?

‘Local Vesc’ is the one that doesnt move properly, CAN VESC is the working one

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Went to do my remote and it told me to update. im on 5.2

where do i get the correct firmware so i dont brick anything

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what version of vesc tool?

latest firmware is 5.3 I believe. but people are staying back on 5.2 that should be fine. (idk the whys)

If you have fw5.2 on both ESCs, I thought the latests vesc_tool would say it wants to upgrade but you don’t have to. it usually only says must upgrade if you have a really old fw version. or if it failed to read it properly.

double check by going to the firmware tab and seeing down near the bottom the current fw version on the ESC you’re looking at. then check the other one over CAN.

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Got it to update to 5.3 - Still having motor issues on my right side. I swapped cable sides and same issue on same motor.

When i go to setup my puck, it asks which vesc I chose 'This VESC(ID:33)" I cant get my throttle to go more than 80% forward on the calibration menu, feels like im going to break it when it clearly pinned down all the way, same with reverse.

These are the motor settings.

So cant configure my remote, and right side motor doesn’t want to move

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Do you have sensors and are you running in sensored mode?

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yes there is sensors, not 100% but i remember seeing “Sensorless” in one of the tabs when looking around

Okay, I’d check that those are working properly, did it show up in motor detection as “sensors=hall sensors”?


So one of your sensors isn’t reading properly, try detection a few times and if that doesn’t work inspect the physical sensor wire itself, I imagine the side with the ID 33 is the problem side?

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I’m also noticing that vesctool is reading that motor as capable of 8A which it should definitely be capable of more, is there any chance there’s a break in continuity somewhere in the phase wires?

dang was hoping that wasn’t the case, i recrimped these myself from the OEM connector - a handful of times and this was my best result, plugs went right in. I did the detection about 4 times now