Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding now on Amazon Prime

Peace ya’ll, it’s been awhile! My bad for the random plug but just a heads up, my ESK8 film “Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe not. But if you were able to take something from it, please leave us a review - good or bad. It thrills me that there was a wave of safety awareness that occurred from 2016 to now. Not sure I’ll ride again, life kind of took me on another journey (probably still have PTSD from making this film) :laughing: but I got a lot of respect to everyone who continues to push the tech forward and create amazing builds. Keep up the great work! Peace!

Rik aka RunPlayBack


Just watched this a few days ago. Seriously great film man, I recommend everyone watch it. I’m glad you took this unfortunate event and turned it into an enlightening film about the need for safety.

It’s refreshing that this community is pro helmet. I could be in the same boat and so could any of you… It just takes that one time.


Also saw it on YT. :smiley:

Everyone should watch this documentary, it’s well done film wise, incredibly informative about the events that transpired and it should scare anyone who think they’re too cool for a helmet into wrapping their body in bubble wrap.


Just watched and swear I will never forget my helmet again

Can I ask who those 2 guys are, are they forum members

We should really go and put up a banner at the top of the site reminding of safety equipment (@mmaner)

Not only can you hurt yourself but every time that something like this happens the likelihood of esk8 coming legal decreases

Guys remember your safety gear

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We do have that @Halbj613
Community lead mandatory safety

If you didn’t notice it yet I recommend you to read through it :wink:

And yes we all need helmets and not only helmets to ride safe.

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also watched this at the very beginning of my esk8 informative phase and I think back on it all the time. It made a real lasting impression on me and think it’s an invaluable artifact to esk8 safety. I even cited it for a college paper I wrote about esk8ing and the technological divide. Thanks @RunPlayBack for devoting yourself to something so paramount :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:


Yesterday I builded a board to my daughter in law for her birthday, today she is going to watch the short movie…I am always asking people to wear helmets, most of them wants to look cool, or put stupid excuses (like my hear it is going to messed up, or i am going to get al sweat)…This is a MUST watch movie for teens and grown ups…Thank you for doing it…


I will admit there have been times where I thought “I’m just going for a quick ride, I’ll be fine without a helmet.” From now on my board stays off until I have a helmet on

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One thing I’ve learned is, never rely on your brakes, it seems that parts seem to brake at the worst time possible. Don’t wait till the last second to slow down. Give yourself room