[Serious] [WIKI] Builder tips

I’ve learned that the best way to avoid mistakes, is to learn from others’ mistakes. So, what better way to share the love than to share the knowledge?

C’mon baby, just the tip(s)!

  1. A good one from @Skunk “(when) adding new pivot cups if you can get some paraffin wax shavings and shove them under and inside the pivot cup it will help you have a nice silent truck.”

  2. Another one from i think @b264 is to use tiny zip ties to keep your XT connectors tied together in the enclosure, to avoid shorts or unexpected disconnects.

  3. RIP Deckoz, but in case you haven’t seen, the AS150-S connector is an excellent replacement for the XT90-S


  5. USE Loctite on anything and everything that needs to be screwed. if you don’t, you’re gonna be screwed

  6. Insulate all connections. especially your bullet connectors. Heatshrink is your best friend. If you want, look into using the MR-60 connector.

  7. If you’re going to connect via-CANbus, secure your connector, as firmly as possible. Some like to use hot-glue, others rely on a firm push. Do not risk anything you have to.

  8. Try and stay away from conjoined PCB dual PCB’s. Unless necessary, try to stick to single ESC units, since they can easily be replaced if one dies. The FOCbox Unity has a good track record thus far (if you omit abhorrent shipping times), but there’s no guarantee of any support from enertion, so buyer beware.

  9. Carbon fibre is both electrically conductive and a RF signal blocker. Be mindful of this when building, as it can lead to unexpected shorts and/or questionable remote signal.

  10. If you’re gonna use silicone, the magic words are Neutral cure. Normal silicone can affect the electronics in your build.

  11. Be wary of cold-solder joints. A bad solder joint (cold solder), is brittle and likely to break over time. Especially when subjected to the vibrations that E-sk8’s are. This can lead to numerous headaches.

  12. As @b264 likes to say, when it comes to water-proofing, its not just a matter of trying to keep water out, but also making sure that everything will be okay if water gets in. Use conformal coating and common sense to know what needs to be protected against the elements.


Bring basic tools with you when when you ride.

Sucks being stranded because a bolt came loose that you could easily fix with some tools.


You can/ should also do the bushings seats.


I feel that taking your time when building and double checking everything can prevent allot of mistakes from happening. when working slower I tend to catch mistakes before they happen.


If you’re using pneumatics, have a spare tire for longer rides


or use 6x2s that can be ridden flat! I’ve been riding mine flat for 2 months now because Im to lazy to change the tube :joy:


Heres a good video.


Old tips learned from other members.

Use good quality tools, rounded bolt heads are a pain to deal with.
Replace set screws with cap head screw when possible.



Biggest mistake I’ve ever made was buying a boosted board ._.

On a side note, what is this about?


Poor phrasing, but after some drama he decided to leave the forum, so although he is no longer with us per say, his knowledge is ever relevant.

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Learn to use your tip…soldering iron tip that is.

TS100 pretty good iron if you can get the C4 and BC2 tip. Found someone offer good advice somewhere so ill edit this post soon


Is the TS80 worth the couple bucks more?

I’m looking at the TS80 for making battery packs

I used TS100 C4 tip when I made my pack. And used a slightly smaller tip when I was soldering balance wires.


Vibration is the killer of all things esk8. Make sure every part is protected.

Think camera case in your planning.

Neutral cure silicon is the stuff because it doesn’t attack non ferrous metal but is conductive when wet so make sure that whatever you are protecting /securing is insulated well.

Always use an over shrink wrap on bullet connectors. One piece that encompasses both terminals.

Check your ride before every ride.


Wasn’t aware, is there a S variant?

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AS 150

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make sure you buy everything the first time. no worse getting all your parts together and realising that your missing that ONE THING you need :sob: