Selling semi-broken raptor 2 for 600

Im gonna be done esk8ing for a while. Had a bad fall today and reconsidering my choices. Board works just have to solder a single wire. Selling for 600. PM me.

Also barely been ridden, under 50 miles

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What’s your location?

@SeanHacker buy this one.

Oh wait. Nvm


Los Angeles

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Dang bro. Sorry to hear of the fall, what exactly is broken? Lool that ninja price edit I see


The motor wire got unsoldered on the pcb. Takes like 5 mins to fix but i dont want to fix it because i dont have soldering skills. I tried fixing it last week but it didnt hold

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I would instantly buy this but I can’t justify why I need 3 boards right this minute :man_shrugging:

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unless the pcb is smoked from trying to solder it… I would love to see pics

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@Bensaida Definitely saw that ninja edit lol


Can this be a community buy or donation to a video of it on fire? In honor of enertion burning in flames. With @SeanHacker holding the can of gas and match. Big sign saying “There! Its fixed”.


Yess let it burn muahhhahahaha

Nah its all good i just didnt solder it well lol

Ill do it if you gather $600 in funds


They’re all semi-broken. It’s an R2. :wink:


True but it has original focbox’s, there’s some value to that


Is 600 too low?

Nope. You’re good dude.


Id say no… but prolly could get like 809 on Reddit if your willing to wait… but if you want it gone fast this is a price to have it at. Just a guess though

800 for a semi broken board?

You said all it needs is a single wire soldered right? Battery works? Both focboxes work? The hub motors still good? (@SeanHacker may answer no to this because enertion) A friend with the skills is all a person needs for a “popular “ board. They are all about name recognition on Reddit. Just gonna have to wait for the right type of guy looking for a raptor 2 not wanting to pay full price…