Selling 3d printer filament

hi so a bit random but thought i may as well post here also
so i got quite a bit of special filament to sell

here goes £75 + shipping for the lot (including the asa later on) or…

e3d pmma blue 1kg new - £25

filaprint wood natural light 500g new -£20

filaprint brass used - £20 723 grams left nearly full (sol)

filaprint polypropylene new 500g clear - £20

form futura classic copper 421g - £15 (sold)

shipping from uk


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Horrible pictures will update later

Need the money to go and buy some batteries so yeah

Will happily trade for a battery pack or for cells

Also have some maytech 8 inch wheels about to go up for sale so can add those into the trade to

If anyone has some 30q 35e or any other decent cell pm me

amounts updated willing to trade for nese modules, cells or battery pack (plus money on my side)

can you go down in this price?

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Yeah sure pm me with an offer and we can discuss

If anyone is thinking about buying this it would be helpful to know:

  • Storage condition (Was it dry? hot? wet? where was it stored?)
  • How long has it been in storage? Is the filament saturated with water?
  • In the case of proper storage, were they stored with desiccants?
  • Are they all 1.75mm filament?

I got 120 LG 20650s…you have yourself a deal!


You have to be muggin him off lmao for real?

Whos the real winner of this deal?!


None of you, shipping batteries overseas is a no no price wise

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Lol I think Karam wins

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Way to dash my dreams

If you find a way to ship then I will happily do it

Need some cells so sure @Itsmedant

Dry filament stored in n a dry non moist cupboard

Stored for 2 months with those weird little bag things

All 1.75 filament


Prices lowered and updated

Weren’t you having problems with this filament on the 3D printing thread? Or am I thinking of someone else?

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Not me I had problems with my nozzle but the actual filament has been perfect

Alright :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

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Anyone want this though??

Also got some asa

Also from filamentum

Both never used

750grams each

Traffic black and traffic red

£25 each or £40 together



Take all 5 filaments left for £75