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Seekerboard Direct Drive

New board from China (for Aussie market according to them) - direct drives? Wonder how good this’ll be.

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the marketing is spot on grammatically un-Australian - though marketed towards the Enertion crowd?

“That’s why we start our seekerboard for our Aussie mates. Before doing seekerboard ,we actually have had a great time with our awesome Aussie customers in the past two years over some other kinds DIY toys.We always have a talk with our many customers everyday. So some complains come: Oh,mate ! I was late again today. Hey bud,how about your weekend? I’m so bored at home.And one day one man came to tell me :hey mate ,anyway you can get a electric skateboard for me ? From then ,we did our first electric skateboard order.And now we want to do more professional and do better service and communication with our customers.So our first skateboard store came out and we call it Seeker.”

Ask if the “mate’s” name is Jason :wink:



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It’s an EOVAN board, rebranded
I just bought it, excellent board but you have to make sure the DD drives have been fixed.
I drove mine for 10 km and almost lost the right drive/wheel because bolts were not glued.
It’s being taken care of by my seller, but for that price it’s a no go.


Thanks for the quick and sweet review!

That’s the board you sold the Meepo for!

Yep indeed

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@DavidF I have the Revel Kit and was looking at the Eovan as a possibility. Just wondering what you mean when you say the “make sure the DD drives have been fixed”
I’m a total noob and I need to read up on DD’s but that comment caught my eye.

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Bad assembly/QC

Ok product, just need to be sure it is put together the right way.


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Plus, I have found Eovan to be pretty flaky. Nice guy running the show, but they don’t follow through on their promises. More yellow flag than red flag, but food for thought.


I was looking for wheels and stumbled on them. I ordered some of their rubber wheels a few days ago. I like the rolling characteristics of the DD. I think it works well for carving on hills where you don’t need any power. Although I’ve never tried any other set up so I’m totally limited in my experience.
Their board looks similar to the FÄBOARD BLACK Carve Board. That’s another board I was looking at.

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If you already have a Revel, you have a solid DD in-hand. There’s a strong Revel group here in the forums:

I would not recommend FaBoard St this time, either.


Thank you Bill. I appreciate your input.

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I got super lucky as a buyer of the original eLofty DD drives, which have been quite good for me. But for some reason, the lower-end DD market is struggling to improve on those original drives.

They’ll figure it out eventually, but these growing pains are a great reason to sit on the sidelines for a bit and see how things shake out.

Lots of good info here:

Good point. I have a great time with the board I have. I was looking at the Eovan and the Fabio since they both have the double kingpin trucks and I wanted to try those for carving.
I think I’ll pursue the Trampa electric carveboard for now. That may be the ticket for me.

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Fabi just mentioned he’d shut down his biz in boards because he got screwed over by the China manufacturers … so no new FABOARDs will be made.


I hope the industry can survive this huge setback.


Yep what they say.
Take all drive screws apart, put some blue loctite, screw everything back, wait for 24h. All good.
Also don’t buy at eovan at full price, contact them via FB or Insta and politely ask for a reduction!