S.W.E | CUSTOM 33” integrated enclosure | Ronin Cast modified | Hub motor 80kv 90mm | 10S5AH | VESCs

Hey there,

another topic I want to save here, just for sharing.
It’s an old build that started around 2015/2016.

Enjoy :v:

This is what I was hoping for :

1 - Make the deck :

The custom deck (9 plies), my 1st DIY one !

I love this pic !

cut ends !! Beatiful DIY 37" deck :stuck_out_tongue:

The layout (long and slim battery pack around 16mm) :

I resized and adjusted the symmetry of the deck easing of some 100g and familiarized myself with the trimmer.

Then I went to dig the deck of the center, beautiful fail nicely caught! So I finished my ripping planing and sanding until a beautiful flat :

And here the profile of the 9 layers (7 wood and 2 carbon) :

now the enclosure: I wanted to change a little technique and tape the mold directly on the deck (wrapped in cellophane) less tape to be applied but equally complicated …

done! (but I have a problem on a flange, will apply a second pass of fiber with some deco !)

like Whitepony suggests me :slight_smile:

the motor wiring slice and inserts in place and enclosure ends !

in place

TADA !!!

Now I have to test ride that deck!!!

After some times riding, I made some modifications : tracing, fitting, cutting, sanding, varnish below

Result now is a 36" ! (always the same wheelbase )

The deck has now changed a lot for the enclosed part:

2 - Make deck enclosed

sorry, pict is better for you than frenglish word :

TADA ! It’s flat :wink:

Also, some small cosmetic surgery on the top :

Molding :

Board and mold ready


Preparation of consumables

Laminating process under vacuum, carbon and epoxy resin

Unpacking !!!

Well, not so fast,… it’s almost a raisin fruit … but the global idea perfectly work !
And if you blink all the time, it looks really beautiful :blush:
I should make the process and do the finition after by hand (not by vacuum pump…).
But it is not lost yet!

The black and red carbon bond is perfect ! The rest is a bit … unsatisfactory

Not that bad ^^ (I mean after some sending)

clean up

I hesitated for the top trap door, Red line and I leave a central reinforcement Preparing access to the box,… Stitching haaaarrd !!

:smile: hahaha, yes my deck is crying !!!

And after :

Now empty it out of his mold !.. work work work !!

Design of the hatch for the top of the deck, I use my mold deck which served to make the DIY deck

The deck is empty !!

Now I just got to put all the electrical part in it and make some holes for wires

VESCs are updated FW2.53 Ackmaniac ! New remote Madmunckey case with CH3 made by Pimousse (Big thanks again !)

And I’m finaly done with my wheels

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: All good, test ride on real road soooooooooon !

I finaly did the restratification !

Yes I cut it because … the space for the lipo was to short, or they cant inflate !..

ok, between ride of this little baby

Complet new setup

And it’s really cool, perfect cruiser for summer !

Nothing exit from the back, no wires, no connector, fully closed just the trap on the top.

1th I parameter the vesc for this little 22amps motor … 0.01 start up boost, and I wasn’t really ready for so less power :smile:
But after some more prameters up (25Amps batt and motor max current control actualy (soone watt mode with 900w max) and the custom curve for more acceleration and less punch at top speed).
Cause when your rolling (lets say around 20kmh or more) when you push the throttle is pretty good for what I’m looking for. I go up to 30kmh and really could push more ! (enought for me)
But after just 3km of run they are terribly hot !!! (dont know how the indise support this …)
The freewheels is super cool when you kick the battery and need to return home at cut off start.
The urethane isn’t that bad, and the Ronin truck are just a killer for electric setup ! Stable and super carvy same time. Love them !

Finaly love this setup after some rides

:v: I hope you enjoy it :wink: Good DIY folks !


:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Awesome read and watching pictures, made my train ride home short. Great work with the integrated deck, Im an ID fan as you know :slight_smile: get better hubs though :wink:


Already enjoyed on the other forum but this built is still amazing now. The shape and amount of time that got into it is remarkable. It must ride really nice.


Kickasstic job mate. You rock.


Really cool deck, makes me want to try it in mine

How did you went from the wrinkled carbon fiber to smooth? just sanding?


Haha, thanks Michael ! :smiley:

Also, at the time it was my 1st hub motors (only geared setup before) ^^
But now, for sure the Mad Fury is way way waaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better !!!

Unfortunately, now, after moving, I will only use urethan with my push board.

:pray: Thanks a lot @rey8801 It was !.. Always trying to reuse it with another project … but, never ended.

:metal::grin: thx bro @Rojitor Next year I will try to make a new one !

@Pedrodemio , Thanks, you should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yes, just sending. If I will redo it now (it should be better because I had some other training between ^^ but), I will make the finish layer in a second time, not necessary with vaccum process …

Don’t know how flex is yours now but after, forget about it, it’s like no flex :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Some other photos missing :



This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Custom integrated deck and the way you documented it was amazing. I hope some time in the future I will be able to match your level of skill! Thanks for the sick build thread and amazing documentation @Riako! Surf the endless wave my man! :love_you_gesture:


Great post once again! This build actually inspired my integrated deck build. Well done!


@Riako quick question, to add carbon into the deck laminate, do you you do a wet layup with epoxy resin? And for the wood to wood glue up just wood glue all in the same operation?

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Thanks a lot for the kind words mate!!! :relaxed:

@Linny and your art-work inspire me so much ! Thx for sharing too, mate :v::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Tamatoa, its was part of the big questioning, how to do it. Finally, I should the easy way and all is made one time with resin … deck is heavy too.
when I made a deck with glue its more lightweight and still a bit flex. Here not.


all resin yeah I bet it’s heavy lol. But I would have thought that it would end up being really stiff.

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Love this my dude. Your DIY spirit is strong.

You’ll be banned soon.


Thanks for sharing again, your posts got me into making my own enclosures. You always manage to make it look fun to do these things instead of hard labor.

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Man I truly love your posts. The best part is that your are telling the truth or at least part of it with this indirect claims that I find fantastic. For instance in this case to me the truth is that the DIY spirit of this community is going down. Probably for the higher number of ready to go components we start to call DIY a list of parts put together. Nothing wrong about it, is just a bit sad for my point of view. The number of crazy projects is going drastically down.
On top of that you basically answer in most of the threads and not care if then someone is picking up a discussion or not. You are clearly knowledgeable about the current Esk8 scenario and I just wanted to let you know that I am pay attention to your posts :grin:


Haha thanks, I think you’re reading a bit much into it Alessio. I’m just a sarcastic old fart who occasionally pisses the mods off with temper tantrums.

If I get a prediction right it’s 99% lucky :wink:


Well I still appreciate it. And we’ll you are really lucky then :wink:

How do you manage to take off the foam mold for the enclosure once the carbon is around it ?
You chemically melt it ?

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That is some real impressive craftmanship! :open_mouth: Glad you reposted it here :slight_smile:

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I just remove it with patience ^^


Really is beautiful

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