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Ruroc Helmet Review

I did a review of Ruroc helmets. They were kind enough to send us a couple. Please take a moment to check it out here…

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Inb4 the pitchfork crew.


“best helmet ever” should have a use case with it. Helmets are purpose designed tools.

I trust helmets meant for longboarding, with real testing to prove it is safe to use for that activity.

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To be fair I had actually posed it like a question… “best helmet ever?” but I see now that I didn’t add the question mark in the title/description and only put it in the thumbnail. :frowning:

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why pitchforks? please…no pitchforks! lol

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I don’t think the helmets are bad quality, but they certainly should not be used in the same way that other full face helmets are.

It’s an extremely dangerous activity to go really fast, your gear should be built to withstand the worst case scenario.


That’s nice of them :smiley:

Most ppl who wants it had to spend hundred to get it…

I’m a fan of the look but not for use in esk8…the chin guard might be ok for snow but facepalm on tarmac, I have my doubts…

Was in contact with ruroc while back to ask them to bring some discount love to the forum. They were not positive to that idea. “maybe in the future”. After reading about the horrible experience with both safety and comfort with the snow/skate helm I went with the motorcycle helmet as it seemed like a very light weight helmet. So far its a good compromise. certfied for eating dirt att high speed, looks good and most importantly makes me feel safe.


Ruroc helmets are the most amazing looking helmets on the market.
The snowboard helmets are not the most comfortable and not the safest, especially not for ESK8ing. I saw people with broken noses after bailing wearing the Ruroc snowboard helmets.

If you want to be safe use always full face motorcycle helmets and not that ones with the attached mouth guard, just the one piece integrale helmets like the Ruroc atlas.

A cool feature on Ruroc helmets is the Shock Wave. The sound quality is poor, but at least you can hear some music or have a call while riding.

The RG-1 Series is also very difficult to put on and off. That’s why I never wear it for short trips or where I know I need to put it off.

The air ventilation during hot days is really good and during colder days the googles get no fog.

You can also hear and talk clearly thru those helmets. You can even drink without putting them off.

Lightest and most comfortable full face helm I’ve ever wore is the Scorpion full carbon helmet. It’s also looking bad ass.

Hope I could help a litte.


I love my S1 Lifer Retro more than my Ruroc. It was one-quarter the price. I wear it 500+ times more often. When I’m not wearing it, I wear the Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS helmet, because I like it more than my Ruroc. I also like TSG Pass more than my Ruroc.

The only thing the Ruroc has is good looks, in my opinion. As far as an esk8 helmet goes, it almost never gets used. Another thing that sucks about it, is that it only came with a darkened visor. At night, I hate that. Seems like most of my skating is at night. So there’s that, too. I tried to buy a clear visor once and it was so eye-bleedingly expensive that I just decided to use my other helmets more.

For what it’s worth, don’t consider using Ruroc helmets unless you do a LOT of research and you are POSITIVE that you want specifically a Ruroc brand helmet. Because it’s highly likely that you do not. Use the search button on the top of this forum.

No pitchforks here, I just don’t like them. They definitely beat a $20 foam bicycle helmet though… I will give them that.


We used to have a few Ruroc wearers before people wised up and stopped using them for eskate. Unfortunately too late for some though… That chinguard + goggle setup is dangerous for us eskaters.


If you are going to wear a helmet at least wear one that will offer some protection eg motorcycle helmet with ECE 22.05 , Snell or Sharp certification.
If a moto helmet is too much then go for a longboard helmet that has undergone testing by a third party such as the TSG Pass.
The Ruroc is a dangerous helmet and this has been proven time and time again.
It also has poor FOV with the goggles, average ventilation at best and is expensive AF.
Some people like the look though and are willing to pay the ridiculous asking price for what is essentially a POS.


Agreed when you are pushing 30mph. Like some of us our its a must have.


I won a couple Ruroc snow/sk8 helmets from races. Every thing about them scared the hell out of me for 35mph+ and racing. Reps from RR were nice and friendly and I exchanged them for the RR Atlas. First round with the Atlas sizing chart found my nose touching the inside of the bottom faceshield lip that most certainly would damage it in face plant. RR quickly exchanged for a better fit, no problem :+1:. Size bigger than their chart was a better fit but still was closer In the nose area than I like. Weight is decent for a full size. Visibility is decent as MC helmets go.
Not as good as dirt Moto. When racing the helmet hits with your shoulder forward in semi crouch.
The design and construction is nicely done. Like the magnetic quicklock chin strap. Overall appreciated Ruroc customer service. Not interested in their helmet. I’m a function over form guy and none of their helmets iv tried hit the marks. Better helmets out there for certain. They do look cool.
If you are wondering if your helmet is enough, think if you could take a shot from the ex GF with baseball bat to the head with it and stay out of the ER. Cheers


Will @Chaka come back and have a full on hissy fit about this helmet?

Will @Chaka deliver a preorder board this century?

Will @Chaka Jason Potter us?

Jury’s out boys


How much do they weigh actually?

I didn’t like how @chaka dedicated full face DH helmet performed for him at BakO uphill event 2019. Not enough protection JMO. Shell total failure and unconscious for minuites with no response. Someone has a pic of his basher damage to share. Esk8 is not DH


It is not just your opinion. It is a fact. All one has to do is compare foam thickness between a motorcycle helmet and a sk8 DH helmet.


I was there when you won too! :slight_smile: Hope to catch you this year. Thanks for sharing.

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Dang. That sucks. They seem to be pretty giving to ESK8 communities all over though. They’ve sent helmets to a lot of the various groups etc. I’d ask them to support your local group instead of the forum. Maybe they’d prefer that.