Rumble | Fluxx 2WD all out 13kW street performance | Zesc x2 Raiden 7 | 8572 165kv 6500 Watt | Moon Geardrive | Luna 350 Trucks | 12s9p 50G | Hoyt Puck Remote 3d print Case | LLT BMS | Maytech 300A Antispark | Metr Pro w. GPS

First official post so bear with me, will post my other builds at a later point, but wanted to post the most exciting and finished board to date.

The premise

  • No range anxiety
  • No compromises on safety
  • No compromises on quality
  • Not too Heavy
  • Still Enjoyable to ride

The components to match

  • 12s9p Samsung 50G’s for that range
  • Luna 350 Trucks giving her that stable ride
  • Moon Geardrive with fluxx deck for that quality components
  • Zesc Raiden 7’s matched with Maytech antispark with plenty of headroom to drive this board
  • Alien Power Systems 8072 165kv 6500 watt, best brand according to me and no issues so far with their motors

The result
I let you guys be the judge, I gave the fluxx deck toe and heel risers (3d printed) the carbon fiber wrapped it and gave all the cables some sleeving.

note the Apex carbon fiber anti sink plate and titanium screws

The beautiful Alien Power Systems 8072s with the moon geardrives

Got some anodized aluminium screw anti sink washers

Just a pic to better show off the carbon fiber wrap and paint scheme, the reason paint scheme happened in the first place was me stuffing up the wrap

So far
Nearing soon 2500km on this board, almost no issues so far, have done a couple itterations and rebuilds to reach this stage, replacing component by component, but right now, besides some servicing I will finally call her finished and go on to my other projects.

Whats next
For you that know me, I never “finish” a project, there’s just a pause between me rebuilding a board.

  • Wheels better hubs and tires, these rockstar 2’s with evolve 175mm (7") tires work but with everything being no expense spared plastic just dont seem right, all depends on when Moon makes his aluminium wheels or another moongeardrive compatible options comes.

  • Lighting I have tried a few lighting option, I originally wanted a integrated circuit running of the battery but now I lean towards have a standalone system outside the enclosure, Front light and underboard LED or alike.

  • Voltage Might switch up from 12s9p to 18s6p however, no good 18s smart BMS available quickly and me low key hoping the Samsung 50S to drop is halting this and dropping total wattage from 1998Wh to around 1600Wh doesn’t feel so tempting running Samsung 40T3’s (even though I loved those cells).

Parts List
Deck: Fluxmotion deck and Enclosure (3d printed concave LaCroix Toe Side Concave Add-On by modminiman - Thingiverse).
Trucks: Mooneskate Luna 350 trucks 12mm Axle, Titanium Screws and Apex Air Anti sink plate, Riptide WFB Formula bushings.
Geardrive: Mooneskate geardrives Helical 10/44 (steel motor pulley and POM helical motor pulley).
Battery: Samsung 50G 12s9p, Built by myself.
ESC: ZESC Raiden 7 (x2), 140A continous, 250A Burst, 78V (18s) supported, MR30’s for sensors and MR60 for motor connection
Motor: Alien Power Systems, 8072, 6500 watt, 100A continous no issue (reccomended up to 15s, but we all know it can do more)
Antispark: Maytech Antispark, 20s 300A Continous.
Remote: Hoyt Puck with PETG printed case 2poast2mote so you get that pinky finger rest (3d printed by myself)
Wheels: Rockstar 2’s with Evolve 175mm’s (7")

Wheels: Moon hubs Bronze with Kenda 200x50mm tires
Motor: Alien Power Systems, 8072, now running at 120A each so 240A total.
Trucks: 15 degree in front and 0 degree in the back with WFB bushings
Lighting: Rocking new rechargable bicycle leds for other people to identify me and a handheld light for vision, Led strip is days from implementation!.

If you have any questions about the board itself or setup, just ask.



That’s impressive! Really unique build! Damn! Umm, let me ask some questions! :smiley:

  1. Do you have a Metr or Robogotchi with logs? Would love to see the temperatures of the motors and ESCs!
  2. How do you like the Luna trucks?
  3. Those toe and heel risers look awesome! I don’t personally care, but I’m sure some people here would love it if you shared the 3d files so they could print them as well :smiley:
  1. Metr Pro only, sadly my motors dont have a tempature sensor but they have never got “seriously hot” as climate is 30 degrees celsius as worst here, and with cooling plate the VESC I had before usually stayed around 48, with ZESCs I haven’t got very far with getting metrics as the the ZESC and 8072 is the final addition to the project within the last month.

  2. They are wide, like holy cow, until you see them in real life, they are seriously wide, make any other skateboard look like a penny board, they took alot of testing with riptide bushings to find the right softness and formula, the WFB formula is superior and the Krank formula that they were supplied with was a nightmare as the “bounce” in them led to self induced speed wobbles, but now that they are “right” it’s a dream, most stable, self correcting ( and still turns ) and dream experience to ride.

  3. that’s just a lacroix thingiverse I slightly modded and put on (different Z- height) LaCroix Toe Side Concave Add-On by modminiman - Thingiverse


What shapes and duros did you end up with?

that is a really good question, it was a mixture of duros, some fatcones and steet barrels if I remember correctly 80A inner and 78A outer, was really lucky to have a skateshop that knew the Riptide bushings really well and let me try them out until we found the right duros for my weight (82-87kg) :slight_smile:


Congrats on the impressive build! I ride a Flux on MBS Matrix 2s and Luna 350 seems very interesting. Do you reckon an 8" wheel would work for that setup without wheel bite?

Oh yeah, I am getting 8" wheels soon, wheel bite is not an issue at all so far so I doubt it should be an issue with 8" either

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I would imagine with the longest trucks u can get on a esk8 u shouldnt get wheel bite no matter wat wheel size u use. Build looks so dam good btw


Thanks man :slight_smile:

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its 17 or 19kg in total with everything ( dont remember which ) it’s not like carry it around all day but carrying it up and down subway isn’t too bad :slight_smile: besides its so long you can just grab it by the trucks and drag it along if you dont have the energy to carry it.

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It looks like the Moon drives stick outside the perimeter of the tires, and could get scratched if you dragged your board that way. Is that the case? Would probably need 8" wheels to avoid that…

They do stick out and that is why I have 3d printed bash guards for them so IF I angle the board too much they will just scratch the 3d print, however with my long arms it’s a non issue :slight_smile:


I can still drag my board along with the bigger batch 5 drives

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Have you tested channel trucks before those? How would you compare them? I am curious how RKP behaves on a mtb deck.

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Do you drag it by the front truck? I thought it wasn’t recommended :thinking: I am looking into grab handles to or something that will protect my moon drives when I lift the front truck too high

all the time


and 7" wheels?

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8", never tried 7"

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I would like to be able to make it stand vertically

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