Roxie display (based on DAVEga OS)

Hi all,

I’ve been working on getting the DAVEga OS (not the DAVEGA X!) running on an Arduino Nano Every as this Arduino has more memory and a built-in programmer so it is easier to program. I’ve also designed a board to easily connect the Arduino to the display.

The functionality is almost the same as the original DAVEga OS:

  • trip meter
  • total meter
  • watt meter
  • battery voltage
  • controller temperature
  • works with VESC FW v3.48, v3.40 and v5.1

This project is for people that want to make their own screen for a VESC-like controller, but a little bit easier then the DAVEga OS I think. You have to order the board ([JLCPCB]( , the Arduino and the screen yourself and solder it together, but that shouldn’t be too hard. It should also fit in the housings that were designed for the DAVEga OS.

You can find the Arduino code here and the files for the hardware here

I also changed the name so that support questions don’t end up with janpom.

More photos


Hell yeah this is super cool! Do you plan on changing/adding any functionality to take advantage of the extra processing power of the arduino?


Does this run on the same code as a normal davega or is it your own take?

Edit: just saw it runs on davega os. for whoever uses this maybe donate something to @janpom for creating this idea and the code


This is a 2 layer PCB, right? Don’t know much about PCB design but assuming that each side is effectively a layer


2 conducting layers. Dielectric layers between and outside those.


Yes, it’s a 2 layer PCB. I payed about 8 euros for 5 boards (min quantity) on JLCPCB. I just uploaded the zip file from the gerber folder and a week later I received the boards.


Do you also have the spec sheet/link for the LCD screen?

Thx :slight_smile: I probably will not be adding a lot of functionality as I would like to keep it compatible with the original DAVEga OS hardware. The main difference right now is that it’s compatible with vesc firmware 5.1 so I can use it with a Cheap FOCer 2, and it’s easier to make/order.

What other functionality would be useful for you?


It would be wicked cool to be able to adjust vesc settings from the DaveGa :grin:


It’s the same screen as the original DAVEga OS. 2.0 TFT LCD with a ILI9225 driver chip and a resulotion of 176x220 pixels.

It can be ordered on Aliexpress, for example here

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This is nice…

if you’re not adding any substantial features to keep it as close as possible to the original, what’s the reasoning? Buying and installing a davega is hard?

Actual question, not bombing in any way.


Because the DAVEga OS doesn’t work with VESC firmware 5. My Cheap Focer 2 for example runs on this so I couldn’t use that. And it should be easier to order/make as well.


Wouldn’t it have been easier to update the davega os coding rather than forking it?

I use my Davega on vesc firmware 5.x without problems?

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I am updating the DAVEga OS, I just forked the project because I don’t have acces to the GitHub of the original project. And also Janpom asked me to change the name so support questions don’t end up with him.

You probably mean the DAVEga X? Because the DAVEga OS doesn’t support firmware 5 and isn’t being maintained any more because Janpom is too busy with the excellent DAVEga X.


oh this is for the original. thought you were forking the new one. makes more sense


The new one is not open source.

Good to see the OS DAVEGA getting some love. I really have no time to maintain that one. I like the new screen layout! :+1:


I tried to compile it in VSCode with Platformio but I get a lot of errors for all 3 platforms set in platformio.ini
Any hint on how to solve?

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I’ll fix it tonight. I’ve been adding stuff in the main branch that breaks compilation but got sidetracked by other projects, so didn’t fix it.

What platform do you want to test it on? Uno, nano every or a bluepill? I haven’t been testing the code for a while on an Uno