Roll to start antispark with auto off please that works

So I have had two from @martinsp that failed on me from the first generation I suppose. Well the one that came before the one he is selling now.

Luckily it only happened the first time when I was accelerating from 30 to 50 :confused: and the second time going down hill from a bridge while braking :disappointed:.

The first time I could roll it out to a stop, and the second time it was at the end when I was almost at a stop already where it was level.

Can someone make one that’s a lot beefier and can withstand a whole lot of amps and not be prone to failure from vibration? I run 100 amps batt and 160 amps motor total on a dual setup.

I need it to work without a button and with auto turn off.

Please please please. I’d pay what it’s worth.


Roll-to-start and auto-shutoff after 1 hour would mean no holes in the enclosure except a charge port. No power switch at all. :+1:


Still waiting for someone to use both trucks or enclosure bolts as the charging terminals :smile:


cough cough wireless charging cough cough

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Charge port goes up to the top. No holes at all now in enclosure. Just need a 3d print of some sorts to hold it there.

Of course the loop key is now sticking out on the side though.


that’s where i’m headed with the Unity. I’m going to ditch the traditional fuel guage too and use something more interesting top side. I haven’t used the power switch on my board in a long minute.

omg yes. That’s some custom shit though, right?


I’ve ditched ALL fuel gauges on boards. 99% of the time when I’m riding I don’t need them – because it’s a board I’ve ridden before and I know about how far it goes. And I have feet to kick-push if absolutely necessary.

And for the 1% of the time when I do need them, I just pull-over and plug these into the charge port for a second, then go again. Or use bluetooth and Android.

One less thing on the board is one less thing that can break. One less hole in the enclosure is just one less place for water/brine to get inside.


It could be done, but the charge rates would be slow. For me, it’d be great because I have more than 1 board, but for many folks I fear it would charge too slowly.

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Someone needs to make batteries like these from Luna Cycle. It adds a lot of weight I guess, but he is submerging and throwing the packs around in his office.
Sorry a bit off topic but those kind of packs, a push to start which would be controllable via Bluetooth and a sealed easy to maintain geared drive train with sealed motors would be the next step.


Those batteries are 100% badass.

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i need a basic power switch to replace the one on the Unity. any suggestions. I’ve searched but I’m not sure what to purchase.

You will need the momentary type for the unity.
I am not sure on the voltage but I guess 3-6V

€ 0,91 21%OFF | 1pc 12mm Metal Push Button Switch Flat Head Ring/Power LOGO 3-220V Self-reset Momentary/locking Waterproof Car Auto Eng

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thx another person on the forum said a 12v would work. still searching for an answer for that. Enertion still has not responded to my email.

As I said I am not sure on the voltage but it only matter for the LED.

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ok thx. when you see a voltage rating on something does that mean Max voltage or required voltage .

Usually max voltage.



Problem solved. It’s called the diebiems.

Like these ones…