Rocket Hollow Core Deck For Sale [In Stock]

My loop key is going out of the top lid centerline, so I can reach it while standing if needed. Charge port is going out of the side. No volt meter.

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For anyone attempting to sand off the clearcoat for whatever reason. Here’s what happens if you don’t get it completely removed and then try to stain the deck blue (not sure why anyone else would try to stain it blue, but any other color would be the same). At least I know where more sanding is needed.


Interesting choice…

One other thing for everyone to remember, the lids were designed to fit one way only. This is intentional. You will see when you line up the center outside holes if it is correct or not. The rest of the holes will match up either way.


I had no idea… Thanks! I’m sure I would have screwed that up somehow.

The sand paper that you used I don’t think has aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is a great sand paper material. It cuts quickly on both wood and metal. Best way to tell if all the clear coat is off is put a little water droplet on the board and if grain burls up it is off.

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If the below pics don’t adequately explain, I’m a University of Florida Alum.


Looks great! Excited to see the final build!

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any more decks? i may have someone that wants one.

hell, i’ll take some extras - gonna start showing this off around here with the pre-built guys and i suspect there will be some serious envy.

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YEHAA, got mine, thanks @evoheyax :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: this is HUGE, now I’m thinking about getting pneumatics :thinking: but first 4wd with landwheels and mellows…


Now I have my plans complete: I’ll put in a 10s6p battery and get two of those dual maker x escs. It will be a perfect fit :slight_smile: This time I cant use NESE since there is no variant that makes sense without wasting space and I want to max this case out :slight_smile: I’ll also try to make it look slimmer by rounding the streetside edges with a router. Decorationwise I’ll leave it in natural color, I’ll add only a red heptagram to keep my style consistant :smiley:


Did anyone remove a part of the middle “reinforcement” to put a unity in?

I really hope I got everything removed, trying to stain dark red today :smiley:

Post pictures when you’re done! I love seeing pictures of this deck

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Teaser: It worked mostly, only on the edges are some spots where I still had some clear coat left, which isnt bad since I’ll just sand it again with focus on these when its dry and then stain once more. The body is perfect :slight_smile: Color is blood red :wink:

btw, here it is after routing away the edges and sanding:



Damn that looks fresh as hell

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Yah, I love it already :smiley: The dye amplifies the wood structure, the picture is pretty bad so its not so obvious. First I wanted just a clear coat but now… I’m already thinking of buying another pack of black dye for the lid :smiley: but first lets see how it looks atm :wink:

Done :sunglasses:


Hey, does anyone know how to get in contact with @evoheyax?

We agreed on a order and I sent payment for a deck over a week ago and he hasn’t responded.
I also tried emailing the email associated with his paypal and no response.