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RobbieP and his new friends



I don’t even need motors and I ride harder than most all out there. It’s a thing…


Ftfy :wink:


Bruv do u mountainboard as well?


So you had to delete your post so that you could be a hard man calling him bruv

Make sense

Seemed to me like he added it to be less confrontational.

I’m team Robbie. Sean is yesterday’s news.


When people are new sometimes they don’t know how to edit.
Just like when they don’t know how to use the search function :wink:


Really @BillGordon you’re going to make this my thread…
I’ll have you know my wife is feeling sick and sleeping through New Years and I’ve got nothing better to do but make work for you.


I believe you will do exactly that. Skunk Power.


Honestly I’ll probably be playing with my 3d printer all night trying to make a friend.




Yeah that’s why i did it, if that makes you feel better!

Look man I Love confrontation, I live for it. I guess my personality is a bit abrasive to others and I get into confrontations alot. less fights than confrontations but I’ll go there with some big boys cuz I like getting my ass kicked too. So its a win win for me :joy:. I find most people are super tough online or on apps, but in face to face encounters, aren’t half of what they seemed to be.

I don’t get online mostly for that reason, but I’m loving this hobby, and want to meet up with people in the hobby as well. My intentions are good, but I dont deal with bullshit.

I edited to not be so abrasive, and apparently didn’t do it correctly by your standards?. I want to be a part of this lil community. Fr

Sorry if me talking about myself got some of ya feeling a way. In all honesty i can give zero shits about what ANYBODY thinks of me, good or bad. Its a gift and a curse. What I think about me is far more important, so I do not let myself get pushed around.

I welcome bullies if they want to go there, but remember there is always someone better at that game then you.

But my question still stands, does he mountainboard as well? In my experience those are a different type who both mountainboard and e mountainboard.


Tldr but fuck you


Just kidding lol


Hahah no need to take sides my man. Same team! I do hope u were joking though, lets keep this a positive thing!


Don’t apologize to him. He didn’t exactly make great first impressions either lol.
You’ll be fine dude just stay thick-skinned.
And don’t overhype yourself without backing it up at some point.
We get a lot of New riders and vendors that are all talk and no show.
So we tend to pick on people that come off a little strong and don’t have anything to back it up.
It is what it is.
Just remember that everyone’s just joking.
It’s a locker room


Nah we’re all jerks here. Sean’s my 4th cousin.

You made some big claims coming in as we’ve seen a lot of people do so we just razz a bit.

Trust me, we ALL want you to show us up with something next level and talk down to us. It’s how we know you’re legit.


Ah gotcha.

I dont know about anything next level coming from me. I just break shit and don’t like breaking it repeatedly so I beef it up.

At work I have access to a ton of machines and material so why not make it beefier.

You going to be at Carve PDX? I’ve street skated a few drop gaps and stair sets near the train station in Portland a few years ago, I want to see if they can be done on a e board when i go.


Don’t worry mate wasn’t trying to make fun of you just was funny how you deleted a post and then made the exact same thing except you added bruv


Ah. Yeah I’m super new to online stuff and dont know the do’s and don’ts.

Tinder is my only social media if this doesn’t count as social media. :joy:

My bad if i seem hostile at all, I swear I’m writing it with a smile on my face, and good intentions in my mind.