rideNEO flexible battery pcb

Hello friend. I am Jeff Wu from rideNEO China.

We make PCB for easy battery making. Now we make 10s3p and have with cell hold and nickle. Is sell to friend for $35 with $5 ship to world.

We work on 12s version to sell for $48 with 4p.

Is next version later have BMS integrate use bq76930 but need longer time to finish. Can have app to control change is easy make setup.

Want friend to help test to make better for everyone.

We test pcb lot in rideNEO board.

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I guess slits for two welds. Nice. What’s on the other side and how fat are the traces? Two layers?


Is two side with trace both 25mm. Can make 1,2,3oz version. We want make good for help friend make easy safe battery.

We already design next version which have integrate BMS can control by phone.


This is for what configuration of batteries?

Can change battery setting for discharge and cvharge and monitor cell. Is for talk to vesc too we develop.

I mean for how many batteries? 10, 20, 144? In what configuration (?s?p) ?

Is two option


How do we go about ordering one?

Have stock of 10s3p at moment. $55 incl ship. contact me for order.

I’d be after a 4p one. When do you think they might be in stock?

can be ready in 10 day

how much is the shipping to usa? (or how much is it without shipping if I pick it up?)
how long does it take from ordering till received?

$5 shipping worldwide. have stock of 10s3p

so 50$ each for the board and nickel and an xt60? 12s4p. with 2oz copper

For 10s3p version. 4p is $70.

why so expensive?
the boards I got cost maybe 10$ for the two needed and nickel is maybe another max 10$. its not like there’s a startup cost or anything other than the slight design work in getting these made and this is a very simple design.
if people don’t sell it cheaper im going to. and sell it with cells that have tabs attached so can just solder to the board. I hope you do that and do it at a reasonable price.


$70 is a borderline reasonable price hummie.

Your thinking is too local, items need to be priced to sell at a profit or it’s not worth making them


People have to make a profit.


20 bucks in parts, 5 bucks in shipping. 75 buck cost. great profit. that’s not even 12s4p

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