Review/First Impression: LaCroix vs E-TOXX vs TITAN

Hey guys and welcome to my highly biased and subjective comparison of the Nazare with an E-TOXX prototype and the Titan Project X Flex V2 prototype.

Test occasion was and indoor off road Event organized by Evolve Germany. Most rideres were members of the ESK8 NRW community and experienced riders of different electrical vehicles like EUC, OW, E-scooters, ESK8s and more.

I used the opportunity to get some feedback for our Project X Flex prototype and compare it by self with the Nazare and an E-toxx build with new V2 prototype trucks, which I tested already in the V1 on a different built. So it’s a basicly a German/German engineering vs Canadian engineering builder contest.

I would like to start with some pictures

First thing we tested, after comparing the general built quality and the overall look/impression, were a couple rounds on the track. I first started with an Evolve Carbon GTR to get a feel for the track to have an anker point for comparison, since the CGTR was the last board I’ve ridden on a similar indoor off road track.

After getting used to the track I had a couple rounds on the Track with my Titan proto. First think I noticed was the flex combined with the 9" instead of 7" OR tires gave a way more comfy feeling. Second, the wider trucks and the larger clearance allowed to fly with much higher speed over the track. The power was overwhelming for my off road riding capabilities and for the kind of track. With the Evolve I was on average at 50-60% throttle. With the titan at 10-20% After about 20min. I had a solid first impression how the Titan behaves on the OR track.

Next I jumped on the Nazare and the Nazare Rider jumped on the Project X Flex. First impression was, more stability due to wider trucks and the lower angled deck. I felt now a little more secure to try to achieve higher speeds, since my feet didn’t slip that easy from the deck. The downside though was, that trough the lower clearance, the enclosure scrubbed over some hills and the carbon fiber got ruined after a couple rounds. It was a brand new board though. The Lacroix had also an annoying squeaking from the shock blocks which was very loud. It sounded like an '95 Honda Civic, driving over cobblestones, but it didn’t influence the ride quality, I guess. The power was significantly lower compared to the Titan and the traction with the 8" street tires was also worse. But still more than enough for me on that specific track. A short side note: I didn’t like the VX1 RC, but I will come later to this point. All in all the Lacroix was fun to ride, the Hypertrucks trucks felt similar to the Matrix 2 trucks, but with less turn and more stability.

The Lacriox rider who tried the Titan said, that the two boards feel quite similar, but he liked the Titan RC more and the higher power combined with the higher clearance.

Next thing was going outside and testing the 2 boards outdoors.

Second part is coming later today.


God, this reminded me this;

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I’m so interested lol

that etoxx is so wide but god dam its sexy.


What a monstrosity… I like it

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Edited the first post and will complete it later.

Should have got a pic with nazare vs etoxx


Not a huge fan of the flat deck (it looks flat at least?)
And for a road build, it has a bit much ground clearance i think.
At least it looks not like any other “factory” built complete :+1:


I have really been wanting a pair of those hypertrucks, how do the etoxx compare in Width? Ride? Turnability?

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After getting the Lacroix owner on his EUC and giving him my GoPro, he did a short video of our riding. I need to apologize for the poor quality. It’s just some raw uncut footage since I don’t how to cut.

The intro is i German, the outtro in English though.
If you are just interested in how the riding look, please feel free to that parts.

The outdoor conclusion after less than 10min. riding in the rain is, that the Titan feels way more powerful with similar gearing. I would say it feels 50% more powerful than the Lacroix. The Nazare feels more stable and more secure than the Titan, but it also carves worse. The carving on the Titan was even with the 9" OR tires easier/deeper than on the Lacroix. The MBS trucks just carve better than the Hypertrucks, especially in yellow/yellow configuration. This doesn’t mean the Titan is unstable. I ride 60km/h on it without any issues, but it just doesn’t feel as stable as the stock Nazare.

Quot of the Nazare rider regarding the difference between the Lacroix and the Titan: “The Nazare is a funny little toy.”

General thoughts about the comparison of the Lacroix with the Titan:

  1. The Lacroix is a great board, fun to ride and capable of a lot of things, like riding OR or on road.
  2. The RC ist for a 4000€ (incl. tax and shipping) board just outrages. It’s the cheapest thing on the market and I can’t understand how you add a 20$ RC to a 4k board.
  3. I like wide trucks, but I like the MBS Metal Matrix 2 trucks more than the Hyerpertrucks.
  4. The Lacroix has a really good stability and a low center of gravity, which makes it the perfect speed board. At least from what I’ve ridden so far.
  5. I do enjoy a higher riding position for better carving and better OR abilities, but the Titan is in the moment too high, even for my taste. We will to some mods to the V3 prototype.
  6. Even I used the MT RC which is an Evolve style RC, I do like the Evolve RC most due to the linear acceleration/trigger curve compared to the VESC curve.
  7. The Lacroix is lacking any cool features. Mostly caused by the poor remote, but it also doesn’t have something like the Metr Pro like the Titan has.
  8. I was underwhelmed by the power of the Lacroix and I do not really understand the hype for this board.
  9. We need a new deck with more stability for the Titan, but it’s already done and it get’s right now a nice enclosure from eboosted.

That’s the Titan Project X Flex V3 prototype deck

The light colored is the Project X stiff V2 prototype deck though.

Next in row is the E-toxx prototype

Part 3 coming soon…

It’s all about that deck/enclosure for me. Street Carver decks made for channel trucks with bottom mount enclosures are limited in choices.


But why channel trucks?

It’s cute that you’re trying.


Why not?
There’s plenty of deck options four non channel truck boards. 100s of options.
There’s not a lot of deck options for channel trucks with bottom mount enclosure.
Feel like I’m repeating myself. Lol


Like seriously, how many decks can you name that channel trucks bolt to correctly without weird adapters that mess up ride hight?

Now how many decks fit tkp/rkp truck?

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regular trucks work also

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I see. I know just Trampa, MBS and Bro deck. But maybe this is, because there is no need for channel trucks on a street deck. So far I didn’t find a channel truck which carves as good as an regular truck. Besides we are working on a solution for the increased ride hight.


I like rkp, tkp and channel trucks. All have a place.

Rkp= speed
Tkp= carve
Channel = bit of both but can also do all terrain


I would honestly love to hear @NoWind review of your board.