Reverse functionality with FocBox Unity

Sorry if this was discussed before.

I tried to dig for information about using reverse with FocBox Unity but got no conclusive results of what is the correct way to achieve this.

In my perspective going in reverse in ESK8 is underrated and should be addressed more by vendors.
Today in my Metroboard, I’m using a simple gun remote control which works incredibly well smoothing automatically from forward->breaks->then reverse ! How can I achieve this with FocBox Unity ?
I currently have NanoX remote which is using PPM.

I probably need different remote to be connected via UART ? Is that so ? Or ??? can I have different firmware on the FocBox unity to be able to do it with PPM ?
If I’ll take Flipsky VX1, can it do it via UART ? to automatically smooth or do I have to press a button to switch from forward to reverse ?

What is the correct way to achieve: forward -> breaks -> reverse (without a button to switch forward and reverse mode).

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

In the vesc tool you can just change from “current no reverse with brakes” to "current "mode while setting up your ppm.
Probably the unity service tool has something similar.


That’s it ? Well, I’ll give it a try.

idk, i don´t have a unity and i never did setup one, but could imagine that it´s kind a similar when it comes to the control modes. maybe i´m wrong thou…

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Reverse works well if you want to make a full stop on a downhill. When I dont want to continue to roll down hill with the brakes on I hit reverse and it does a full stop.

I’m not sure I understand. so it’s not working as expected as I described ? You are using it as a “handbrake” ?

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It is working exactly how you want it to, he is just saying that it provides a different kind of downhill braking due to the fact that you are able to completely stop. This is due to the fact that the vesc ends up putting current into the motor to stop it rather than using regen braking or phase shorting (at low speed). It may use more battery overall, bringing the question to why do you need it in the first place?

When do you use reverse anyway?

The methods mentioned are how you turn it on, go into control mode and turn it to current, and it should work as expected.

Works perfect.

You cannot do a full stop on a hill with normal esk8 brakes but if you utilize the reverse feature you can do a full stop on a hill.


Wait, how this opposite to regen braking ?
Can’t regen braking work but still maintain this functionality of reverse when going to complete stop ?
I really am surprised people are asking why this reverse feature is needed … Did you try it ? when commuting every day to work, this very useful feature in city traffic.

I don’t see that I said it was opposite of regen braking I just said the method used from the way I understand it is slightly different than the method used in the Current Brake no Reverse mode.

It is possible that it MiGht work the way you are saying but I am pretty sure that I saw in another post a graph of the power applied to the motor when Current with Reverse mode is used, and it is something like a parabola-shaped graph.

I have used reverse mode before and I just found it extremely annoying because I couldn’t just hold one place like I do all the time with normal braking. I don’t know why I would need to go backwards but maybe if I used it more I would find uses for it? I guess if you are waiting at stoplights and such it might be useful to be able to back up hmm :thinking:

I am not saying reverse is not useful I was just curious since my experience with it wasn’t super great. I have heard that Boosted people brag about it but I never understood why lol

Ooh I found it. Interesting it sounds like there was a fix to the gripe that I had with reverse mode, maybe I will try it out.

Sorry for spamming I just thought this was super cool

Imagine your joy when you find out that any vesc based board can reverse and you’re actually just one search bar short of knowing how.

We live in amazing times


Btw reason I dont like reverse is that when ever i crash I have the habit of holding down the brakes so my board wont fly off and hurt someone. But with reverse if I do that out of habit then the board will fly


Good point lol

@ShutterShock, thank you very much for the effort, awesome and detailed response !!! I will for sure try all these settings and see how it behaves.
I currently using my Metroboard and got this useful forward smooth into reverse transition , I find it very useful in traffic lights , in case when you pass something then stops and then wanna go back few meters or so, it happens quite a lot actually. Of course, we can all live without it. But it is really nice to have.

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Sure no problem man I enjoy it

Ah that makes sense, I guess I don’t do too much city riding so I don’t notice the lack of it.

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BTW, you know what could help ? And this is my next project - build a board with a kick tail (such as Boosted Mini and so …) So you can just turn around 180 and that’s it :slight_smile: The problem with longboards - you just can’t - they are too got damn heavy :frowning:

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Hah I know the feeling, when I try to turn my like 25lb board around I just end up with hurting ankles from scooting it across the ground lol

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Exactly :rofl:

I know you’re being sarcastic , but in the jungle of info … sometimes , this is not trivial and a short question can save you days of searching between 1000 threads … :smirk:

Whether or not reverse Works isn’t an opinion though.