Reverse braking current at stop/standstill to prevent rolling?

Is there a way I can change a setting in the VESC tool to allow reverse brake current at a standstill to prevent myself from rolling down a slope if I’m trying to stop? There’s nothing I can see.

In VESC tool go to App Settings>PPM (or UART if you’re using a UART remote) > Control Type and select “Current Smart Reverse”. It’s designed for the situation you desecibed, takes a ride or two to get used to but it’s very natural after that IMO. For a more detailed explanation, press the question mark icon next to the Control Type field, and it explains all control schemes

For future reference, you’re better to ask in the Noob Questions thread rather than starting a new thread. New topics clog up the feed a bit, and are more useful if you’re trying to work out something that’s new to the community as a whole rather than just to you. “How do I do X”, where X is something other people have probably done, belongs in a general question thread

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Oh I didn’t see that user already has 11 threads, I presumed this was a first time mistake. Then yeah, what Frame said, calm it down with the spam and read first

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Just set it to current mode. Smart reverse can eat a bag of dicks


Smart reverse doesn’t do this.

Source: I usually use smart reverse and have been for over a year

yep, smart reverse does what it says it does, it reverses you. For going back a small distance its very useful and I love it (wtf @glyphiks ??) but its very much shit for holding you at an angle. You just end up fluctuating between going 1m backwards, rolling the meter forwards again, stopping, going backwards again, and so on. It works, but its shit. :smiley:


We need vesc tool to have the feature like what the latest lingyi has, someone needs to reverse engineer how to lock motor when holding the brake

I don’t think it would be that difficult, just hasn’t been high priority. And you would have to choose between the two, or program a double brake pull or something for smart reverse selection vs just full brake. But what do I know lol

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If the motor lock feature implemented, then it’ll had to be either one, as u said, what do we know. It’s probably in the list down the line.

maybe we should pester Ben a bit with it… :smiley:

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Just send him a 10k donation and ask if this feature is possible or not :rofl:

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Why not just put your foot on the ground to stay still?

Like a peasant??

Like a longboarder

Throttle control and current mode is all you need. The incredibly painful slow speed that smart reverse actually reverses at is unacceptable and makes me angry

I was being sarcastic. :smiley:

Laughs in bindings and heelstraps.


Vesc based esc isn’t just for esk8 / ebike use, this feature probably benefit certain situation

You know you can change that speed, right? :smiley: Just set it to 100% and you go backwards as fast as forward. Default is 7% I think.

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