Resended | 12s8p | BN270 RKP | Eboosted | Flowstate deck | Radium 6485 | Idea mounts

Rebuild of old dw2 mbs board into something more modern.

Plan is to rebuild older dw2 to get better foot holding and more stability+ make it look cool and ditch sloppy MBS Matrix2’s

**This is the donor build:** [Mbs dw2](

Working on my build plan:
Flowstate custom deck with w concave Flowstate -new
12s8p Molicell -existing
Boardnamics 270 rkp -new
Boardnamics adjustable baseplates -new
Boardnamics CNC wheels -existing
8 inch tyres of some type -new
Eboosted trampa DS enclosure -existing
6374 Flipsky -existing
BN xl mounts -new
BKB Zenith ESC -existing
Flipsky vx4 -newish

These items have changed as plans progressed
Radium 6485 motors + 16t radium pulleys
Red anodised Idea medium mounts with idlers
Lacroix prototipo 62 pulleys or newbee 62t whatever works.
7 inch hadean tyres

I’ve noticed no one has tried anything similar as in using rkp bn on a mountainboard, the adjustability will give me 35 degrees at back and 45 at front in theory. Let’s see if motors will fit and If all else fails it will have matrix3.

Test fitting on trial board:

Also interesting i got my small boardnamic mounts to fit and 3d riser printing ok. Not again not the production deck not the motors or wheels for final build but at least i can get hangers sorted and test handling. Currently i feel i need to play with washers, maybe use cup ones and then also adjust angles to give it more carve esp at rear.

Testing the fit for battery case and wheel clearance. Overall clearance will be around 80mm with this 8inch wheel.

62t Prototipo pulleys works with 340mm belts
7” Evolve tyres on order
6374 motors fitted.
Drivetrain is now close to ready.
Board is being finished and final shape sorted by Flowstate.
Deck grip art etc in planning stage.

Testing out drive train on old board while new board is being baked.

The guys at FlowState:
FlowState deck build

You’d think a motor bearing would go prior to using red locktite on the pulley but oh no… anyway managed to replace a seized bearing in the Flipsky 6374. I feel I’ve unlocked a new achievement! I was scared they’d break in the motor trying to get them out.

My engine mounts are far from ideal and I’m still waiting for 345mm belts to get here. Once things are going I’ll be looking to replace mounts with something precision.

Also had to design and print some walls for the prototipo pulleys as the belts fell off. Moral of this story is always go precision mounts so that the mount is square and the belt doesn’t move. Def worth the extra money always. Lessons learnt.

Went for a quick spin and got to say my second opinion is I’m loving this truck over my matrix2’s. Feels responsive, accurate stable and still very easy to turn.

The last piece of the puzzle will be the board and the lock-ins for my feet the concave will create, also ditch this ugly as sin dw2 lollipop board made even worse with my cutouts now.

7/3 waiting for new engine mounts.
And new motors 6485 173kv Radium +16t pulleys

Test fit new mounts

Deck is ready, now for inserts.

18/3 board mostly completed. Ive left radiums off for meanwhile and some basic grip tape while i wait for better stuff. Also gps not wired to board. Everything now Loctited in place. Ive had to add another set or risers so now 55 at back and 60mm clearance at front this is becuase the trampa housing sits low at the ends.
Deck is super amazing with perfect flex and concave. Love Flowstate’s work!


The DW2 deck is a 30° deck, and the BN baseplates can go to 0° and 15°, so you’ll get 45° in the front and 30° in the rear

What enclosure fits the MBS decks?

This is the source build with details.

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I’m using bn 270 hangers with adjustable base plates my mbs deck . I used the new clamps but drilled them to fit flipsky motor mounts and they work and handle great.
I’m in the middle of building a new mbs deck and I’ll be using the same truck setup.

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Awesome info thanks me_ashman. I might try that idea as i have good clamps just mounts which are too short. Lets see how AT wheels go :slight_smile:

Managed to get my existing bn caliber mounts fitted is i use 62t pulleys. Practically a gear drive and a little ugly but works for now with 350mm belts. Wheel bite is very close with 8” so i’ve gone for 7”, 8 will work okay but maybe my toe might hit at times on a tight slow turn.

Plan so far is to get it all running and then maybe pimp it out later if its as good as i expect, probably some nice Radium motors and tidy engine mounts. Doing quite well as most parts i have on hand from other builds+ donor board.

Lot of planning going into the deck finish this time, layer of carbon, epoxy and then custom cut grip or custom grip the real hard work that Flowstate put into the board manufacture, next level of quality and detail.