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Replies to the official Black Friday deals

Guys, let’s try to keep it mostly to Black Friday deals. Thanks!


I haven’t seen the 184 boardnamics?

I really want something to ditch the cut caliber hanger. As the e caliber hangers seem to be nonexistent now, precision replacement is the next option.

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Yea it was a pretty small run, sadly there isn’t much demand for them. I’d suggest either using 9mm~12mm belts to fit 6355 on caliber and maybe a press fit pulley which fits without modification, surfrodz or try to get in on the next round of boardnamics 184 sometime next year :frowning:

Hopefully surfrodz has some kind of a black friday deal and we can update this thread with it

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Bill, brother. Can you jump into a PM with Anubis instead of having conversations in the BF Deal thread? Would be appreciated!

GerryCorrado is thread OP but sick at the moment or he’d be keeping this thread lean and mean!


U have this as a option but not for 20 dollars.

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He’s out on a ski trip lol

@Fosterqc can you please continue here…

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Didn’t see this thread. It is good to keep a clean list.

Not sure why I can’t get the code to work :woman_shrugging:

Hmmmm, it’d probably be okay in 6p though.
I could be wrong, but 12 of them fit in this guy and then you’ve got a 1.5kw battery for ~$425 that you’d definitely be able to pull 100A from.

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For a full 19h! Go nuts…

More nuts… 12S9P 26800 fit in the same box. 54ah, about the same price.

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Do you have the 275 hanger and the V4 gear drive for a Black Friday deal?

So many good black friday deals this year. I forbid myself from starting another build this year but it’s getitng hard to resist.

That was my mindset last year – I convinced myself I wasn’t going to build another board. And now 2019 isn’t even over yet and I’m 3-4 new builds deep lol


Lol at the price, says its black friday price will be 135

Need some opinions

Flipsky has the VESC 6.6 with heatsink for $80 right now.

In two days, the Dual Plus is $209 and the VESC 6,6 single in aluminum case is $99.

Any opinions on which to go with? I hope @b264 doesn’t mind me asking. Definitely leaning toward the singles

Its for a street board, not a MTB


Some people have reported issues with them, other like myself have been enjoying them problem free. I just bought a simplify v today and plan to pick up a few more of the watertight ones in a few days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have a 6.6 single in case has been good.
10s BLDC.
Just bought 2/6.6 singles with heatsinks for a dual build. :crossed_fingers:


@EboardSolutions why no discount on matrix 2 mounts ?

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@Skunk It says 100€ instead of 144€ on the list.