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Replies to the official Black Friday deals

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Fyi your adjustable baseplate, doesn’t mention which hangers fit.

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Ahh right thanks for mentioning. It’s primary for our hangers Fatboy 230/240/260/275 but would work with Caliber II hangers too


Shame that the 150A and higher antisparks are sold out :frowning: Btw, what’s the time in minutes for them to turn off if using push to start?

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Current switches doesn’t have auto turn off feature. But I am already working on newer version of switch with full control of everything multiple inputs like use for efoils with dead man switch, configurable push button or simple switch and etc things all parameters customisable also intelligent pre charge circuit for any size capacitor bank also will be have additional module for brake resistor for low P count packs to burn over charged energy. And probably the lowest Iq current consumption out of all intelligent switches on off mode.

But it will be available only next year as I have holidays and bit of moving happening right now


Hmm… I could use my remote’s 2nd channel to manually send a signal to turn the switch off I suppose. If the new one is planned to come out only next year, will the current ones with higher current support be restocked?

I don’t know for sure but sure not will be available at black friday sales

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It would make me really happy if you could make some more dual og Focbox heatsinks.

I like the look of this… one thing I didnt like about the orig one was really limited ability to mount receiver / bluetooth


Saw that, I am a bottom mount guy though, want to integrate it with my enclosure.

What’s a good deal on a reliable remote with some minimum telemetry right now?

Probably the flipsky vx2


@Kug3lis Auri, whats the pricepoint on these?(urethane one) After about 3 years I’m getting tired of my starwars sounding straight cut gears. Got any video demonstrating sound with the helicals?


About price you will get to know it tomorrow night. Will be cheaper than before.

Regarding gears depend which generation you had before, the v3 one was already super silent with straight gears and grease. Current one is even more silent because we solved issues with alignment of gears by using bearings on both gears so no gears spin straight as hell. Also you would not believe if I told you that motors are literally not spinning thrue

Regarding v4 sounds I don’t have anything for straight gears but I have some small peace with helix and urethane

Also I think @Riako will be first with v4 straight gears so he can make some video about it


We started making helix not because of sound but the torque handle difference 6396 has bit more torque than your typical 6374. Also less noise would be with POM plastic but we don’t use it as it’s brittle and not durable.

Can we get some love for 176mm hangers. Something near the caliber width in a precision truck would be great
SR is currently the mostly only option in precision trucks in that size range.

Might finally get around to ordering some abec hubs

Isn’t there something already available here in forum? We can make it but like always for these specific things there is min order quantity to make it worth making it

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is 218~220mm really too wide? (I can see like 260 being big for a shortboard) Especially with shoulder bolt axles, boardnamics hangers are a good option available in both EU and US and there are also 184mm boardnamics hangers about.

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Our hangers are made mostly to fit wanted motors for e.g. 6396 only fits on 275 width hanger

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Dual 6355 fits perfectly on a 175 ish hanger. And I’d personally keep things as compact as possible as long as I’m not getting travel issues in the geometry and wheels

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