Replacing hall sensors?

Is it still possible?
I have seen posts from a few years ago with product suggestions, but they are no longer available. Are there any currently on the market?

I know there’s A.S.S and HFI, but they don’t seem up to par.

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The difficulty will vary depending on the motor and the damage. Some motors are easier than others but it’s definitely possible, provided they are not epoxied


So no go on flipsky bh?

I’m not sure if they are epoxied on there or not, I’ve never opened one up.

Chances are it could be more difficult than a less reinforced one. If you’re having sensor issues I would suggest closely inspecting the entire length of each sensor cable, there’s a high chance your cables are broken somewhere outside of the motor

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First flipsky bh Gb batch Motors. Not sure if anything changed since.


I don’t have any issues with mine, but I’m considering buying a set used that have sensor issues.

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High chances are it’s the wires but hard to say without having them in hand

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The other option is to just simply not use the sensors.

This is for a Mountain board with bindings.

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Ahh yes then I would use sensors as nothing currently on the market seems to work well enough for that.

You could also use an external AS5047 sensor instead of internal hall sensors.

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