Hall sensors aftermarket modification

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

I have some motors that I want to repurpose on a DIY build but the motors don’t have any hall sensors, the motors in question are the ecomobl planetary gear drives 6374 motors.

I was hoping maybe someone knows where to get dimes so I can fit them myself and of course if anyone has done this before.


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have you tried HFI?

you can buy hall sensor PCB from china


Still a bit wet behind the ears when comes to DIY.

I saw some hall sensors online earlier but not 100% sure how compatible they are even though it seems quite simple to do.

I’ve not heard about HFI that you mentioned will look into it.

Just for a bit more info on the build I brought an ET2 but had very poor performance with battery range and was not impressed with the LingYi esc and remote, so I’ve basically decided to re do all the electronics in the board. I have a unity on the ways new smart bms and a sleeker battery enclosure also.

I’m now even thinking about ditching the planetary gear drives completely and just using the motors and using new trucks and so I can choose different wheels etc.

I know it’s crazy and it’s cost to much already but hey I’m enjoying to process so far.

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while some people have had marginal success with it, I’ve heard from many others that they never got it to work right or didn’t have the time to figure out what it was they needed to do.


such a shame that no ones making a good esc that has good sensorless operation.

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HFI worked well for me in the past.

You’ll need to watch this video and follow th instructions to make it happen

You could also look into using AS5047 encoders rather than hall sensors. Old mate @Andy87 has done a neat write-up on them over on the freesk8 forum


About to do this as well. Do you use reverse on HFI and if so, has it worked well? That’s the only reason I’m keen on having sensors back honestly.

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got a mate who got hfi setup by trampa (went over to their shop to do it)
and it works amazing
little noise but perfect startup

But I asked about reverse


sorry forgot to add that
reverse works amazing also
super smooth in both directions

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Yeah dude reverse worked fine for me.

@Tony_Stark might even have a video of him going back and forth in his shed after he fucking dialled the HFI on the 4wd.


Alright it’s happening. Thanks for the nudge.


Tune it up bro!!!


Anyone that says HFI works great is leaving out that you need to flick your hips to start on even the slightest incline/pebble under your wheel.

This now makes starting from a standstill a skilled task instead of just a function of the board.

I’ve gotten good at the hip flick, but I won’t be telling people that HFI is as good as sensors or even close. It’s not. It’s night and day.

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Or just push start like a normal person :man_shrugging:

Maybe its because most of my builds have been sensorless, or maybe its because i actually push skate as well, but I very rarely even attempt to throttle from a standstill.

Am i just weird?


Nah that’s fine, just know that you’re not everyone. Mountain boards with bindings, for example, can’t kickpush to start.

Some are at a red light on a slope with very pissed off cars behind them.


Sure they can.

But i get your point.

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HFI works just as sensored did for me.


Then your sensors weren’t working correctly, or you never tried going forward while rolling backwards down a hill

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I have only used Alien motors so far. So that might be it. They are not great