Removing pulley grub screws!

I have searched and read several threads on the topic but wanted to see if there are any better or newer techniques in 2022.

I am installing the Savage1 TKPs. Pretty straight forward but I need bring the pulley out 2-3mm for belt alignment.

The pulley is a 10mm D, As a usual, the grub screw is not coming out even after heated with soldering iron. I was thinking about drilling out the grub screw and using a battery terminal puller.

I am sure lots of people have had this problem. Thanks in advance!


Is the hex rounded out?

Is the term “screw pulling set” correct?

If it is stuck because of loctite (especially green/2701) then you could simply continue heating it with the soldering iron and let the heat soak the screw for a little bit which would melt the loctite.

If all else fails or it’s rounded, you need to drill it out.

If it’s just overtightened, heat it good, let the heat soak through it and cool it down repeatedly and try to unscrew it while warm.


Also a couple of hits with the hex tool and a small hammer can work wonders.

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Fortunately it’s not.

Good point. Let me try to heat it up for a while, melt the loctite and immediately try to back the screw out.

Personally I do not use grub screws on pulleys for this very reason. Blue or red threadlocker and a key is enough I find.

But if there is indeed a grub screw remaining, then heat up the pulley real good to make sure the threadlocker has melted, and then hex key + help with some pliers for additional torque should do it usually.

Worst case you need to drill through it with a drill and completely destroy the screw.


You need more heat. Use a hot air gun or a blowtorch. Assuming the hex is not rounded (That’s why torx will always be superior).


I’ve never used an soldering iron to remove a grub screw but I’ve had 100% success using a mini butane torch for those pesky grub screws.


I’m pretty sure the butane torch gets waaaay hotter than a soldering iron. Anyone know what the melting point for permanent Loctite is?

I really wish ESK8 manufacturers would stop using such strong loctite on such small screws.

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Around 500 degrees F

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That’s why a soldering iron does not work. The hottest mine gets to is around 465.

Ok butane torch it is. I will wrap everything I don’t want to torch with aluminum foil to be safe. This will make for a fun memorial weekend project.

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For future reference, if you ever must drill a grub screw out, use the tap drill size, or slightly there under.
If it is an m3 use 2.5mm drill
m4 .3.3mm drill
m5 4.2mm drill
m6 5.0mm drill


The grub screw on a pulley uses a 1.5mm allen wrench.

10 minute job

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Then its an m3

Recommendations on the drill bit material? Carbide?

No, carbide is too brittle for an interrupted cut like that. Just a regular cheap HSS drill.

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