Reese's Snack Sized | BKB Tayto | 12s3p 30Q | Single 6384 | FocBox | 90mm Popaca

New forum build thread :grin:

After my only board broke and not having another one to use while waiting for Redemeber, I started on gathering up some parts and came out with this. It was also some experimenting with skinning/my new favorite thing. This is gonna be my short commute getting the groceries board (ever since I got a board im forced to get groceries, but its a excuse to ride so…)

@BuildKitBoards Tayto Skinned on the bottom in CF and top with Reese’s Fabric

Why the reese’s logo you may ask? While its the only good candy hershey makes, also the color orange is fucking amazing.

@eBoosted Spud SS enclosurer

12s3p with Molicel P26a cells

It was super cheap in total cost me 120$

@dickyho 6384 170kv - the best budget motor

Caliber 2 trucks with @BuildKitBoards motor mount

@Chaka 90mm Popaca Wheels - They are so small yet amazing on the roads and super grippy.

16t/36t @Janux-esk8 wheel Pulley

Custom LoopKey / Charger port riser

@janpom DaveGa with @mmaner V2 case

@Winfly Nano W mod aka my favorite remote ever now

I only got to ride it a little bit before I took it apart to finish the skinning, and it was alot of fun even tho it was a much less powerful board.

There something about the smaller board that I really like it feels really controllable, but I think it can be fine tuned even better with some @RipTideSports bushings.

Thank you again to everyone here.


Lmk how @dickyho motor behaves and great build


It works great so far, will have to beat it up more to really know. The price is just so good I couldnt not get it.

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I luv tha risa


Do you have any motors to compare it to?

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The torqueboards 6374 and 6355 190kv

Its hard to compare being that its a 170kv, but im definitely happy with it.

And the thin phase wires are ok?

Yeah, no problem with them, just replaced the bullet cconnectors.

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They are silicone?

I believe so

Thanks. I like it a lot and using it everyday but most of my friends held it wrong when they tried it and then complained about how uncomfortable it was. Doesn’t fit in everyone’s hand I guess.


Love it dude! The single drive short boards are super fun and responsive. Definitely wanna see the skin job when youre done

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All my Nano Xs have been converted, The nano X has always been too small for me and the extra triggers range is great at low speeds. I still havent replace the battery yet, but will do soon.

I forgot to mention I added a little piece of grip tape on the wheel because it kept slipping.


I feel like this is a better name for it, given its size.

This may or may not be my lunch today.


Tommorow I start on the reese’s logo, its gonna look fucking amazing.

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I love reese’s


Few more things to do and then the reese’s logo will go on.


Dang! I love this build…


Looking sexy


What wheels are going on this thing?

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