Raptor 2.05 battery is not letting me use full battery and im not sure what i need to replace ?

ive got a raptor 2 and the battery is stoping at like 45% left and shuts off if I throttle and i don’t no enough about esk8t to know witrhc part i need to buy,

I recommend Lacroix

That is a joke.

I would probably recommend trying a known good battery. To rule out issues there.

whats Lacroix?

danm a new batteery , thats pretty expensive

Does the battery charge all the way?

no stops at like 80 precent

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Your battery is probably unbalanced, STOP USING IT immediately.

This is a big job to fix. You may need professional battery repair or, more likely, replacement. It may be a fire risk to continue using it.


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Alright. Hope you don’t need any more help.

Fucking off now


what should i replace ? what should I get ?

jk it was a joke but seriusly i keep the bored in my room

im just gonna keep using it and i sleep next 2 it at night im not sue what part i need

This is prolly the part you want

Shameless plug.

But I am not sure it will fit, I would need some battery compartment dimensions so I can say for sure.


god danm thats so expensive

Cheaper than a house fire


and serisuly have people r2 been lighting on fire ?

Most r2 are defunct at this point, but bad batteries catch fire often for one reason or another.

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Lithium batteries are volatile. Your battery is in bad shape. Continuing to use it will exponentially increase the chance that it will catch fire.


i dont even want the bard at that cost and it would be sad to throw it away now

600$ is to much do i seriusly gotta toss it out now ? im getting really worried