RAMM board Offroad build | 12s6p Glyphiks built battery | ZFG Esk8 enclosure.

Finished photo:

Excited to build my first offroad board with the new RAMM deck. Few pics for now…

Going to use the fullsendelectric.net plug and play battery box and the https://zfgesk8.com.au/ ZFG Esk8 DV6 ESC enclosure. Coming soon.


What is that first deck that you had on there?

That’s another build entirely. The deck is a LY Switch 40 that i chopped, fibreglassed and skinned with a print i bought from fullsendelectric.

@JeffyJ how you like them gear drives vs belts?


I used them briefly on another build and loved them. I had the older model wirh the star shaped alloy drive plate that wore out. I’ve now got the new and improved steel drive plate but yet to use them.

My only gripe was i selected the wrong gearing (5.2 ratio i think it was) so only had a top speed of about 47km/h on 175mm tyres. So much torque though! This build will have 200mm tyres so top speed will be more to my liking.

Yea im super light so i was looking at 4.60 if i got one

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Following this, let me know if you need anything, I have loads of random stuff tucked away.


Legend. I’m good for now mate as waiting on parts.

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Clearance from trucks is tight but should be ok :crossed_fingers:

Little mock up and first feel of deck standing on it. Feels super comfortable under bare feet and has some flex.


I’ll have some shock pads for you maybe Monday, my 3d printer is working overtime


Legend. I like the feel without in bare feet haha. Such nice curves!

Yeah, lol, it almost “spoons” your feet.

You will also find the deck will flex a little more after the first ride or two. When does the juice box arrive?


Sensor cables extended, zfgesk8.com enclosure mounted, and connected up to test. So close. Just need to mount battery box and bindings.

Also got some 8 inch roadies on black Newbee hubs which look sweet. Pentagram XS (4)

Not long now!



Battery box not yet secured and waiting on shock pads so the square of grip (as shown above) was used to test ride haha.

I didn’t like how bindings felt when in the position recommended by MBS. Maybe the curves on the Ramm deck throw it off a bit, or maybe I’m weird. Anyway, drilled my own holes where i found it most comfortable and bindings sat nice across my shoe.

Wee bit of soldering to get wires under shock pads and nearly there.

And she’s ready to ride.

I’ve got some of Raijin Racings prototype wheels for 8 inch knobblies. They look nice :ok_hand:. Will get them on soon.


Got the knobblies on the Raijin racing prototypes.


Did an offroad race recently on this build. I thankfully got to have a few runs of the track beforehand which was great as I’d not done any offroad riding really. So I was pleasantly surprised to win the esk8 category (even though there were only 6 of us, I’ll take it :blush:).

@Adstars was kind enough to donate a few Ramm decks to ERL for prizes in upcoming events. I scored won for first place but it’s what I’m currently riding haha. My brother managed an impressive equal third place on his heavily modified Evolve GTX but wouldn’t get in the photo. I thought the deck should go to him to build a proper offroad board.

I’m super impressed with the deck. It is definitely curvy and it kind of guides the feet into a certain position. My feet feel really comfortable in that position for offroad and i actually get less foot fatigue than a Haero Bro deck. The only downside is when i switch to roadies and cruise the streets i like to have my rear foot in a different position which then does become uncomfortable. So keeping my feet in the position i placed my bindings in is best for comfort.

I’ve started doing some little jumps but the 12s6p p42a battery is quite heavy so getting off the ground is nerve racking. There is nice spring in the deck though and landing feels nice. Hopefully i can start going a little bigger in future as really only getting 2 feet in the air currently haha.


Unfortunately I’ve been having some grief with my M1AT gears. The motor gear keeps coming loose. I only used a high strength generic thread locker the first time it slipped rather than a proper retaining compound. I thought it would be fine as I’d used similar in the past and it was an absolute bitch removing the gears so figured all good. Unfortunately the second time was another brand and it clearly wasnt as good.

Then tried loctite 620 and 641 but both without success. I cleaned the motor gear and shaft with isopropyl but maybe not well enough. Or maybe the gaps had become too big as the gear slid on quite easily with key. Both times I waited 48hours before riding but gear still slipped.

I’ve had enough of constantly opening the gears so I’ve gone a more permanent solution thanks to some advice from some local aussie legends.

Hopefully they’re not going to budge now :crossed_fingers:

I also hope i dont need to try and remove for a long while :grimacing:


That’s odd, shouldn’t they key keep the pinion gear in place more or less? :thinking:


Didn’t stop the helical gear from sliding on the shaft and into the case though. But yes, odd the loctite 641 or 620 Didn’t work. Maybe some sort of residue from the previous threadlocker left that iso didn’t clean. Not really sure :man_shrugging:


Axial forces dude! I’ve seen photos of a helical pinon that had drilled a hole through the casing :sweat_smile: