Race Rocket - 10kw 0-30mph 1.9 sec

Finally taking the time to document my latest build and bring it to this new forum. With out a do, here’s the goodies:

Motors: 4wd Hummie Hubs (Now On Kickstarter)
Wheels: Aend 78a Tires
Trucks: Stooge Race Trucks
Bushings: Riptide
Deck: Modified Hummie Deck
Enclosure: Psyhcotiller Enlarged Alter wedge
Battery: 12s 25ah Zippy Lipo
BMS: xiaoxiang 12s Smart BMS with iPhone App
Speed Controllers: 4x FOCBOX
Charger: Meanwell HLG-600H-54A 12a charger

Performance Information:
Max watts in theory: 10,000 watts
Max watts recorded: 8,327 watts
Max discharge current: 200a
Max charge current: 12a
0-30 mph acceleration: 1.9 seconds

Other features:
Custom 3D printed on off switch and charge port: These ports pivot out of the truck cutouts and stay down via neodymium magnets. The tolerance on printing the parts had to be perfect to keep the port from going up more than 45 degrees, which after a few prints, works flawlessly.


Great build but dis :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Still working on it. I was trying to take photos from my iphone and It kept disconnecting the uploads, so I had to post it to get things to work, so I’m still updating the information, lol.

Boards with this kind of acceleration are incredible you can fly like no other but if there is any kind of cut out during this acceleration you will superman like I did haha.


Oh, i’ve been there done that. I need surgery right now on both of my ankles thanks to building boards like this.


I have tired to use frits before and had to redo without fritz because of how bad it looked and I am sorry to say the red color fritz doesn’t match well with your deck. Maybe fine black or fine white fritz might look better.

Now it looks like someone spilled strawberry jam on the deck. Hope you don’t think I am trying to troll.

Is there a post about those trucks? What advantage do they offer over tkp or rkp?

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The trucks are adjustable to take turns on a go cart track and then just tighten em up and switch bushings and they are dialed to do upwards of 45mph… @MoeStooge can talk more about it…

Thanks for your feedback. I personally like the red frit better than the white frit. Hummie and I did a white frist board, and I really didn’t like the look. Black frit might look nice, but it won’t stik out, it will recede, and the point of the frit was to stick out. And since red was my accent color, I chose a red frit.

On the trucks part, these trucks are incredibly stable, yet incredibly turn-able. They allow you to do donuts on a small street with cars parked on both sides, while still going 30+ mph with no speed wobbles. You can drop the links down to remove steer, and then hit speeds well over 65 mph like @Lucifer does in uphill races. The main benefit is they are an all in one truck. They also absorb road imperfections very well. Look at the kickstarter video. like 8 seconds in, I hit a big rock and you’ll see the trucks move like crazy, but I stay in the same place and in complete control. So they eat up road imperfections very well also.


This is a beauty! Impressive build!!

How you integrated that loop key is :100:


Would you be willing to share that loopkey design? Would be perfect for hummie builds.

Also any pics of the inside?


Please release as a .step or something? I’ve got a different drop through deck I’d like it for

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You insane asphalt f**ker haha 10kw snapping ankle board that’s a damn monster!

How does it compares against the SRS boards?

Thanks for sharing your setup.

Very impressive build. The frit looks like pop rocks to me. Really love the trucks and loop key implementation. I definitely want to try those trucks one day. And I’m definitely getting my hands on some Hummie hubs soon, so I can see what proper, quality hubs can do.

Also, I giggled a little at the rocket on your loop key, and how the key is “just the tip”. I’m sure a few of our less mature members will also appreciate that detail. :rocket: :skateboard: (@Brenternet, @SeanHacker, @DerelictRobot)


I’m still in full retreat over the frit looking like a woman on her period sneezing above the deck. Everything else is lost to me.


Oh you… :wink:

It’s like we see the same cloud monsters.

Nice build dude! Loved your last build I saw in Cali. This one is crazy!


Awesome, as usual. Love the glass frit with the logos underneath. :+1::+1: Glad to see you finished this masterpiece. Hope all goes well with the surgery. :grimacing:

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I feel personally attacked being lumped in with those two truckstop lizards.


I learned it from you Dad!!! :wink:

So I’m on the fence as to what to do with this design. I’d like to actually sell them as a complete kit for a very reasonable price, but I have some work to do still. The current design is incredibly fragile. And that is the problem. If you push it with just a little force over 45 degrees, the back breaks as it did trying to charge yesterday, lol. So either way, it needs some work. But I will make this a priority to perfect the design and get these in your hands.

Part of the problem of releasing files is that different printers have different shrinkage rates. So what works for mine, might take too much or too little off of yours. And this is precise down to 0.1mm for everything to fit properly. You also need these exact magnets to fit the design. And even the assembly needs to be done in a particular way with epoxy or the fit of the plugs will be too tight or too loose.

Give me a week or two max and I’ll make a new thread on here about this :wink:


Compared to other Stooge Race boards, it rides a bit differently. These are the only urethane hub motor Stooge Race trucks. Thanks to @MoeStooge! They rode great in the last evolve races.

This board is much slower too speed wise than other Stooge boards. Most are 45 mph+ and this board tops out at 32 mph. Most stooge boards are around 8k watts and up. So the power feels very similar. It’s just that other stooge boards keep going like crazy after 30 mph lol.

The frit I am in love with because I feel like it gives so much better of a grip than griptape the medium chucks dig into your soles and lock you in much better. That is something other Stooge boards don’t have.