RABBIT JUNK | TB DD 75KV on the NEW BOAS | Unity | 12S4P | ft Vintage Boards

Got some esk8 porn for you. @Robert-Jan hit me up with an offer on Instagram to make me a deck with whatever I wanted on it if I built out a complete with it, so naturally I told him I wanted the murder bunny on it because Rabbit Junk is my favorite band right now. Turns out it was an evolve style drop through deck, so I hit up eboardsperu.com for an evolve enclosure and it fit like a glove. I was able to fit 48 30Qs in there in a 12S4P layout in discharge bypass with a small BMS plus receiver and my OG revision 1 beta Unity with no problems, just had to do some Tetris action.

  • beta 1 Unity flashed to latest firmware with original black angel-eye push-lock button instead of momentary
  • 75 KV TB direct drives
  • 12S4P Samsung 18650 30Q pack in discharge bypass with a 15 amp bestech BMS (tiny)
  • flipsky vx1 remote
  • laser etched and finished deck by @Robert-Jan of Vintage Boards (@vintage_boards_nl on Instagram)
  • the new Boas I’m beta testing (omg they’re delicious, so squish, many grip)

The drop through set up took some creativity but I got it working by sanding motor wells into the deck and eliminating the nylock nuts and extra bolt length. I drilled out the truck bolt holes slightly and hammered M5 rivet nuts into the holes from the bottom and used socket cap bolts and fender washers top side because it looks cool. With nothing left to grab the motor cans, it carves wonderfully. Added some clear poly to the sanded wells to seal up the wood and bam.

On the enclosure I’m using only 8 bolts and brass threaded inserts, M4 bolts with fender washers for looks and steel round washers underneath them to keep them from popping through (they will do that eventually if the bolt hole is larger than the bolt’s threaded rod. The flange is narrow so the pattern is a bit unusual, but I was also trying to compensate for a slight amount of flex that turned out not to be there at all once the enclosure was mounted. It’s pretty stiff now.

So without further ado, here’s the esk8 porn:

Those new boas though, god damn they’re good. This whole build has me tingling.


haha “Tetris action” that turned out as a sexy machine


It look very beautiful @longhairedboy


That’s awesome. Love the name …when I first saw the thread title I thought you were taking a shot at the Vegan thread :joy:.
I need to expand my music knowledge.


83A wheels? How is that soft?

I guess it’s just a fake label until they’re officially out. Sick build!


If symptoms don’t subside in 4-6 hours you may need to consult with a doctor.

Gorgeous build as always good sir

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@PrivacyDoctor hey pal take a look at this enclosure and how it has a similar edge to the one I sold you for the evo 40, it almost looks like LHB drilled the holes to allow the bots to go in at a slight angle to the enclosure but straight into the threaded inserts, you might way to use a similar technique when you drill the holes for your enclosure and inserts. In fact I would almost bet that LHB drilled the holes through the enclosure and the board in one go.

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its a mystery, because when you grab them you can feel squish, and you can feel it on the cheesgrater as well, but the rebound is very present as well. I’m not going to pretend to understand the fomula. Its sorcery. I’m just waiting to see if they slice and resist chunking like the other formula did.

That is EXACTLY what i did. The bit i use for the inserts went all the way through the enclosure and partly into the deck to get the angle and placement correct. Then drill down to finish the depth after the enclosure is off. This is why you need the steel washer as well.

So the bolt has an anodized aluminum fender washer, then a flat steel washer to keep the bolt head from punching through the fender washer, then underneath that a rubber o-ring to provide padding between the threads and the edges of the holes in the enclosure. Stacking the bolt up like that is important, i’ll try to find a pic. I think i have one on my phone.

edit: I don’t have a pic on my phone, i’ll post it later when i get home. That’s actually a very important part of building this way and i should have had a pic already. For shame.


Wow the dripping blood on the bunny looks amazing.

It would be interesting to see people reactions to this board. It just looks so good.


The attention to details is just second to none! (well maybe whitepony went a step further)


i may be doing a round of funding to bring this board to the masses. I’m torn between doing this build to piss off one set of people, or doing a slightly different build using a subsonic century and gear drives to piss off a different set of people.

Evolve pissed me off by simply being Evolve, and Subsonic pissed me off by not getting me to build thier weak ass belt drive builds they sold out of that used what looked like @psychotiller’s entire drive system and looked like a silly toy compared to my own subsonic build i did a few months ago.


what! I did not realize subsonic had their own electric boards.
yeah i loooove that deck! however on a split angle stout deck like that you want a murder machine not a lame 27 mph and a few crappy components that will crap out after a while.

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My thoughts exactly.

(12S5P, unity, flipsky vx1, TB 110s, 3D Servisas mini thane drives and precision trucks)


That is sex on wheels! only thing would be motor ground clearance. I like the fact that the board is slightly longer so you can actually make use of the absurd acceleration. and a stupid amount of concave to not have you fly off the board.
I would personally prefer that over the evolve.
CNC out some deck molds and and go to town. mega concave split angles. 55/30 ish make room for 100-110 mm deck and motors facing forward. cram in some 21700 cells for that single layer sleek optimized performance. no-one likes bulky two layer stuff.
edit holyofuck you can fit a single layer of 12s5p in there never mind

yeah. 60 30Qs plopped right in there. The enclosure is 10 cells wide. I actually had room to go 13S on that one if i wanted to get nuts.

additional motor clearance would have required a modified hanger mount, but if i ordered 200 of them they would probably do it for me.

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Rabbit Junk is awesome. they basically did everything i either was doing or wanted to do music wise, and made it big. Mad respect and their sound is distinct. Definitely check them out.


there are other ways of cnc’ing motor mounts. china is pretty good at that. I mean I cad file and 2-3 prototypes sent and you are good to go. it is pretty hard to mess up when a cnc does all the job.
but honestly I am not rolling out belt drives yet I know you dont like the fuzz with idlers but 15mm and idlers. and you can go extremely soft on the belt tension and the drag becomes very minimal.
oh and design it so the idler is the tensioning mechanism then it becomes real easy to adjust. it needs to be beefy though


Yeah you’ll never hear me knock belts. I’m runnign belts on my own board.

I’m just mad Subsonic launched a 40 cell or less (weak) board for $2400 and sold out of them and didn’t bother to ask me if i wanted to be a part of it. Therefor, their board sucks.


It’s ok Damon, sometimes it’s hard to admit that someone did it better than you.


yeah I really get that which really sucks!