Quality 6380 motor

I wouldn’t call this a cry for help… but I need to find a durable ~6380 170kv motor. I’ve had two TB6380 motors, both of which eventually got a loose can, the can would rub on the stator when rotating. I’ve tried to solve this by simply tightening the axle set screws, drilling out the rear of the shaft and making a plate to keep it in place, and green Loctite with no luck. I haven’t tried the new torque boards design with the four setscrews but I don’t trust their quality and have had bad experiences with their customer service. Would the BN6384 Boardnamics motor be better? I don’t have any experience with their customer service but I love their mounts.

What would you guys recommend?



I don’t know what motors you want but you could probably get these I think he still has them

I think he said 100 bucks for the Extra can and the motor

Flipsky ones are good. Boardnamics are the same ones

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His shafts are the short ones for gear drives I’m pretty sure

When are we doing a group buy :joy: or are you going to have a Black Friday Special on motors :pray:

I paused ordering for nexusboards but if people want another GB I could run one. Taxes are annoying, but the last GB we did had tax and I dont think anyone was hit with much at all.

I actually have 0 motors of any size but 6355 left now, I will have a discount on hummie decks and GD/Hangers though.

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Well that group Buy went amazing so if you happen to have another one I’m in definitely in for two maybe four you do an amazing job

Are you closing up shop? :frowning:

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xD getting off topic now but no, once ordering is done for 18650.club I will resume ordering for nexusboards, but it’ll be more prebuilt accessories. I’ll keep the DIY core stuff around (Probably all drivetrain components + hummie deck) but maybe no more ESCs or multiple options for other stuff.

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Where would I be able to buy a flipsky motor from a company that would back it? Or is it simply buy from china and hope it doesn’t shit the bed?

Its inherently a good motor, I’ve never had a warranty claim on one since the day they came out. Unless it arrives DOA you’re probably not going to be able to make a warranty claim when/if it breaks because it’ll probably be because it got smashed hard or something.


Do you know, who can have such a 6380/170kv, I need one!?

How many do you need?
There’s a few of the v1 motors gonna come available on Black Friday.

I have a pair of TB 6380 190kv motors on my board I’m going to be taking off if you’re interested.