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Reacher Motors for sale, TB 6380 motor for sale [US]

Some new and lightly used stuff. Projects either changed or got cancelled. Shipping inlcuded for US 48.

$300 (pair), New Reacher 6388 138kv 10mm/25mm shaft

These are untested/unmounted. I changed the stock black oxide socket cap bolts on the faceplate to stainless from McMaster and that’s it. I’ll include the motor pulleys shown 16T, 20T

$100, TB 6380 170kv

Judge by the can- it’s very lightly used. I have a spare bell/shaft from another, same condition- can include for another $20

extra bell/shaft

SOLD, Maytech 6355

Remember when these were hot shit? All new sealed bearings installed. Kv unknown (likely 190)

SOLD, Trampa Wand Remote

Used for a couple rides, dropped once hence some scratches. Works without issue.


Pm’ing about wand.

Those Reacher motors, can I just HAVE them?

I’ll be your friend…?


Of course you can man! I don’t discriminate. Just show me the monies! :smiley:

tbh they are perfect for a mountainboard setup. I just don’t have proper mounts


Motors still available

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Is the TB battle hardened?

I don’t think so. That’s the spare bell.

Clean though not really used

Update, adding two more used TB6380’s. These are the newer version with the “ribbed” can (on left). These also have somewhat low use and run great. $175 for the pair shipped (in US) or $250 shipped to include the other 6380 + can (meaning three working motors and an extra can).



6380’s on the left above are sold. Smooth can version still available. Reacher motors still available

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Which tbs do you still have?

The ones on the right I’m interested
Is there any thing wrong with them

That’s one full motor and an extra matching can/shaft. No issues with them.

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Damit ok let me see if I can find another one of those are they the older models?

I’ll include the extra can. Both for $100. The rotors may be interchangeable with the new versions so you could match

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