Pyramid - modular mount for all kinds of stuff, 3d printed, one bolt open/close, sturdy and secured

Hey guys

For the first time in my life I wanted to mount a camera on my board, but instead of making something dedicated for the one I have, I designed something modular which is a neat solution for all kinds of stuff.
I just love modularity.

I wanted to solve the opening/closing of the same 4 bolts for different stuff that you want to mount. Now putting new things on your board is trivial, and secured.

So, what are we talking about?
One piece that is mounted on your board, with the standard truck bolts pattern. This one has an inclined surfaces, it the shape of pyramid (with 1 centered locknut).

The second one is mounted on top. All is required is one 1/4" bolt , to secure it in place. Because of the inclined surfaces, the connection is sturdy, prestressed and centered. Very neat.

To unmount, just open the same bolt, as simple as that.

From the stress/contact surface pov it’s really neat what goes inside there, I will do a post about it in a week. For now know that this works, and nicely.

Now, for the best part, just design something for your purposes and secure it with the same bolt, as simple as that.

I’m adding some pictures, and will put it on thingiverse in the next couple of days.
But for now, just collected opinions and remarks, so what do you think?


I did this funny adapter for showcase purposes.

I’m comfortable lifting the board from it, doesn’t even move.

Here are some more pics:


That’s pretty neat!
I’d see myself using that to mount my windsurf sail. The right spot is pretty much bang on over the front truck and the design of your base would be a very tidy solution for that, which would work with any truck/ decks ( I can fit a M8 nut in the baseplate cavity of a Randall truck, but not in Calibers or Indys).
Provided it could have a M8 captive nut… Which brings me to my next suggestion about chosing M8 over 1/2", or offering a Metric version on Thingiverse for those in the Rest of the World.


That’s cool.
Can you show me how you mount it now?

I can do M8 version, not a big deal.


At the moment I’m using a 4mm G10 plate covering the truck baseplate. Kind of works, but the nut doesn’t really get stuck in place, and it becomes a tricky exercise of trying to hold a nut through a small opening at the rear of the truck, while screwing in the mast foot. And then the protruding 4 bolt heads come in the way of the tightening of the mast foot.

It works, but it’s nowhere near as convenient as it should be!


It’s doable.
I’m thinking of top piece that your mast goes into, and interfacing with 1/4 bolt on the bottom.

Where are you located?

Here’s a pic of the mast base. It would just screw into the pyramid base into a M8 captive nut. Then other tops could be also used, as per original intent.

and I’m located in NZ

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Got it
So it will be more like a derivative.
I can make it for you

What is the diameter of the base? Right above the bolt. And the length of the bolt?

this looks like a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Thanks @dani, the diameter of the base is oversized, to provide support on a typical foam/fibreglass windsurf board, and it doesn’t really matter if it spills over the sides of the mount, provided there is still a decent contact patch. The efforts when windskating are much smaller. I really don’t want you to alter your great design for that, apart from the M8 nut thingy. Length of the bolt is about 30mm, and I can shorten it to suit if I don’t have the luxury of a truck baseplate cavity to cater for the excess.
Looking forward to print that mount!

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No worries
I’m asking about the plate understanding that it’s oversized.
But it’s there, so we might as well support it.
I’m not home this week, will do it over the weekend. Meanwhile if you can find the dimensions of M8 nut it will help.

Thanks, and looking forward for you to use it!

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here are the dimensions for the M8 nut, in mm

The diameter of the plate is 125mm, and the protruding bolt is 20mm long (or 24mm without the hard foam padding on the plate)


Cool, thanks!
That’s everything I need.


The pyramid mount is on Thingiverse
I did a short write-up about it here.


I want pictures with this thing in use :slight_smile:



Inspired by @dani I made this remix for the TB218 trucks to be held on by double sided tape, completely compatible with the original

Now just have to make a support for my flashlight


Very cool and clean!
Hope the tape holds it

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I’ve seen your blog! Going to me using these for a light mount hopefully

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This mount proves to be very useful. This is my latest tinkering with mass damper

Extremely simple and secure

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Me to, if it does it will open a lot of possibilities for your mounts, like the ones for GoPro that you can stick anywhere

Printing now, downsized the screw to M6 or it would interfere with the ones that hold the flashlight in place, it was too much work to go back and fix for the M8

There is a change that I angled it down too much

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