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PWM controlled Brake light controller [Open Source]

Hi, Ok so after my small break from here I’m back and I would like to start of with moving my brake module thread onto here. The whole project is open source so feel free to build one on your own. Currently, I’m still building my board so I still need some time until I can confirm that everything is working correctly but according to my bench tests everything should be working. Also huge thank you to @janpom (for his patience and help with my code) and @StefanMe (for his help regarding the buck converter). And @linsus for his PCB design input. Thank you all… :slight_smile:
Key functions:

  • 7s-13s
  • uses ws2812b led strips
  • 3d printed risers to mount the LEDs (still needs a redesign)
  • turned on/off using the 3rd channel of your remote
  • cheap (around 8$ in parts per unit)
  • simple setup
  • site: 5x5 cm
  • 5V/3A buck converter on board
  • possible setup: 119 rear LEDs; 47 front LEDs, <-- absolute maximum
  • horn support coming up in the future @b264
  • extension modules coming in the future (USB breakout, horn support and so on…: slight_smile:)
  • programmable/updateable via an FTDI breakout board
  • works with any kind of esc


Apple for scale :smile:

V1 vs V2 (again Apple for scale)

Video: (coming up) :slightly_smiling_face:

I might sell a few in the future… Let’s see… :slightly_smiling_face:
Schematic/PCB with DIP MCU:
Schematic/PCB with SMD MCU:
Code (incl. some rudimentary instructions, still need a bit of cleanup:
3D Riser (holds up to 8 LEDs): needs a redesign (I’m working on it :slightly_smiling_face:)


  • Cleaning up the GitHub repo
  • Document everything
  • Add some more extension ports/modules

If anybody got any suggestions/comments just tell me. :joy: Thanks for reading and I hope there’s some interest in these… :slight_smile:


Definitely following this with interest :call_me_hand:


Following this as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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yesss! this looks very promising. am i correct if i say it’s essentially a pwm passthrough which monitors the pwm signal which determines whether to switch brakes on or off?


E: I’m wrong, again. Lol.

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Nope it doesn’t… it was just an idea… currently it only works with pwm :smile:

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Looks cool! BTW, you’re not supposed to write the V-word on a PCB. :grimacing: Otherwise you’re asking for trouble with the F-guy from the T-company. :slight_smile:


nice project, any test units anytime soon?


These are the kind of apple products I can support :+1:


Now I’m wondering if that’s a small PCB or a huge apple :joy: should put another banana there maybe



i need this. The last time i tried getting something like this to work it failed miserably.

I might get a few made to test out, might even try to cook one in my oven i haven’t used yet.


Rolling the Mini Remote wheel forward to toggle lights on or off, and rolling it backward to sound a horn is definitely something we need.

This even opens the possibility of having something that mounts on your helmet with one or two 18650s and a remote receiver, and it has a flashing brakelight on your helmet


ahhhh… nooo strobing… gah… i need my eyes… to work… at night… why so stroby… maybe if it just blinks two or three times then stays solid bright.


I hate flashers…yep, irony…I know
I’m always stuck for a few seconds in total blindness while my eyes get reaccustomed to the darkness


Aren’t flashing lights supposed to be way more noticeable than solids? I mean emergency services use flashers…

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i literally ran into somebody i couldn’t see because one dude had a flashing light and the other one had no lights. Tried to go around and basically slo-mo bumped into another person. I skate by moonlight all the time, zero issues… until lights…


So then clearly the brakelight should be solid and unflashing :slight_smile:


They are. So much so in fact that it’s ALL you notice. For several minutes. Even when no longer looking at them…

emergency vehicles also use horns and sirens well into the permenant hearing loss zone. Not interested in that either.

I’ve got some 42V Toyota forklift horns all ready to go

Sucks if you’re on 12S… :smirk: you’ll need a converter most likely


Jake was legit looking for train horns for his board. I can’t even imagine the nightmare that would ensure for cyclists… hahahahhaa