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Why the fuck is he posting it on YouTube shorts

35mph plus only ,cool guys only.

slowflakes is about the lamest thing I’ve ever heard

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You know its going to be received well when you manually disable the comments :sweat_smile: oof

I ride in kph anyways :rofl: freedumb units

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Looool what a flog


I’ll bring this over here for general consumption.

I see what you mean about the lock ring, rough positioning meant the hub and spacer didnt sit flush so didnt work as such, a little sanding got it to seat but not so sure about it… im sure itll be fine… Will still fit and give them a run and also keen to see how ya 20mm spacer will be, i stacked mine up to make a 20 and had a genuine laugh

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@alankerr I was wondering if you happen to have a CST turf tire on hand, could you give me a quick measurement on how wide the bead is from the outside bead to the inside bead? I’m wondering if I can go with 42.7mm mbs fivestars, which are made to fit 9" tires. Thinking there may be some squish involved, but if it’s too much squish I won’t try it.


Sorry, haven’t been on.

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Thanks Alan - appreciate the measurements. It does look like probably around 8mm of squish required to get them on MBS fivestars. Not sure if that is ideal or not. I will probably go with the phatlads to play it safe


I just got the 20mm version printed out, it fits the 9x3.5 tyres reasonably well. Maybe a hair wider than ideal, but barely, and I have a set of slightly wider slicks on the way so I think the fit is going to be perfect for those.

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Farking chonky!!!

LMK if you end up refining or goes ok, i may have to head down that road ultimately, can you scale that vertically so you can do any height?

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The latest version that I just finished printing a few minutes ago actually fits 100% perfect, but you will probably have to compensate for the shrinking of the filament in the slicer, so it might take 2-3 prints to have the exact numbers to compensate for the shrinkage. I will make the file public but I want to have the full set printed and tested first.

I should be able to do any height over 5mm

Local lad, not sure if he was a group memeber anywhrre locally. Very sad to see and another good reason to slow down near any other path users.