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Yeah lol. It was awesome.


But how do I fit the Stormcore into this :laughing:

You’re a legend!


Hahahha thanks, i try


@ShutterShock That’s not a mini review dude. :smiley:

Screenshot 2022-08-04 224537


Hahaha shhhhhhh


quick thoughts on the rovers? worth it or nah? good airless wheels are an interesting concept but pneumies are prolly still king

I mean the video is the culmination of my thoughts - but TLDW is that I don’t like them

More efficient than pneumatics, much less comfortable


I have one that might confuse you and hurt your eyes. Lacroix has been the most deceitful and problematic company Ive ever had the pleasure of clicking on and buying from. Ive been thrown through more hoops and obstacles than a monkey at a animal circus. When I thought all was finally over and I received my item, boy was I wrong. Before going into a story, first and foremost I should say to all future buyers beware. Every company has faults and stuff happens so maybe I was the odd man out and I took the grenade for the whole team. Maybe its sunshine and daisies for all your future purchases and contact with them


But how do they compare to Thane?

I don’t think it is a valid comparison they are wildly different in size

Roughly, they feel sketchier than any thane wheel I’ve ridden and I’d happily ride the Madesk8 105’s over these


@longhairedboy I have a witchblade in for repair with dead escs. What battery is in here?

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I’ve had this thought for a few months now, has anyone in the DIY PEV Community implemented their charger into their PEV? Like directly in the battery or even just in the frame so that you have it everywhere you go. Would be pretty cool to see how it would be done. I know the Ladi (cyberbike guy) did it but never showed how he did it.

Would be harder for esk8 due to space limitation but still maybe someone did it :person_shrugging:

what’s that handle / bull bar? got some details?

I could do it, I have a tiny 1.5A charger that fits inside my enclosure but I’d rather have the option of switching chargers for different use cases.

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Backfire bracket:

Trampa bull bar:


i will check it out, thanks!


You could have a switch that turns it to an open loop or not plug the smaller charger and have another plug straight to your BMS if you want to use another charger.

A modular charger would be a good idea :thinking:

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Do you have a relevant hyperlink

That’s subjective

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